It Slowly Creeps

I wrote a post back in November of 2021 blasting YouTube for removing the dislike button. This was during the pandemic when government videos were getting down voted to hell for espousing their “facts”. It’s clear years later, that the government was influencing what the people were seeing per the CEO of Meta without debate. I even had a troll on my post saying that I was out of my mind saying that the dislike button means nothing, and I still will defend that these small impositions creep on the first amendment until they’ve crept so far you don’t even know what freedom is anymore.

Same Lies

What’s been even funnier of recent days is CDC Rochelle Walensky testifying before Congress giving the same answers of “I can’t answer that.” The FBI official was of the same light as Walensky. The people who refuse to answer these questions should be put in jail. Everyday citizens could never get away with this so why do we let these officials?

What’s Next?

Elon Musk saved Twitter from the same route these far-left nut jobs in Silicon Valley brought to social media. The latest controversy was old Twitter staff blocking Matt Walsh’s What is a Woman? from being viewed across the platform. Since it was posted it now has hundreds of millions of views.

The documentary is worth watching and I guarantee most far left PRIDE advocates would be unable to even get through the 90 minutes. This is the telling point between right and wrong. If you are unable to even have a discussion, you’re probably on the wrong side. This goes hand in hand with an article I saw from The Federalist that made a great point that books that the far left want to share with children like “Gender Queer”, if they can’t be read by the President of the USA to the children, then maybe they aren’t for children.

When you remove downvoting, create facts, and are unable to answer questions about subject matter, something is wrong. This starts with the top down. I’d argue that a lot of this is to gain voters to remain in office which is silly when you consider the balance of our entire country is in their hands, but I hope people see the lunacy in sticking with this government leadership. If you’d vote for 4 more years of this because you like the way it’s going, you’re nuts. Crime is outrageous, mortgage rates are sky high, debt is tremendous, and taxes will rise so the hard working people can pay for more ineptitude…Sheeeeeeesh.