Hayden Buckley did not win me 3k. He birdied 16 to take a 1 stroke lead on Si Woo Kim. Within 30 seconds real time, Si Woo Kim chipped in from off the green on 17 from 25 feet.

They are tied going into 18 and Si Woo hits into the bunker. Buckley turns into the -180 favorite. Si Woo hits his long bunker shot on the green and birdies. Buckley hits a great drive that gets stuck against a grass line, he hits his approach in the rough and can’t get up and down. Throughout I was putting $25 dollar bets on Si Woo at around +200, but it only got to $150, and I had $50 on Kirk at 10-1, netting me about $100 dollar profit from Si Woo, and a multi hundred loss for the whole tournament. Another 4 figure number that could’ve been.

Gambling Log

The Gambling Gods

Fortunately this loss, along with Morikawa, created good karma for the gods. I hit for $500 in a DFS tournament, I hit first TD’s with Chase and Schultz, I hit a Cowboys-Prescott parlay and virtually all small prop bets to win about $1,500 betting during the playoffs. Some consolation for Buckley. I have $700 on golfers recommended by Bradley Todd (see log) this week and I’m going to go ham on the Chiefs to start the weekend. I’ve lost a bunch on them in the past, but the 8.5 with a Mahomes / Lawrence matchup should be cake. Just different levels of experiences and ability. Combine this with a 289 I rolled on Tuesday, and getting into a fight with a sand bagger (another post), I’m running hot for Saturday. My biggest bet may be the Chiefs / Eagles teaser. I’ll keep the sheet updated until the games start. Good luck.