Today will be a fun day. After a slow start in match play betting where I went 2-10, I’ve been on a heater and it’s attributed to Dustin Johnson and Kevin Kisner. I have both as outrights at the start of the tournament at 20 and 50 to 1 respectively. If you know me, you know that I tend to get attached to certain bets where I don’t let go once I have my mind up and that’s been the case this weekend. I’ve been putting money on DJ each round he’s pushed through and added another $55 at around 10-1. I also had triple figures on him over Homa. On the Kisner side, I put $125 on him over Adam Scott AND took him at +650 when he was down for a mere $10. He came from down 3 with 4 to play so it’s a bit of fate this guy wins. Both guys have made it the final 4 where DJ will play the hottest golfer right now in Scottie Scheffler and Kisner gets heavy handed Corey Connors. I have put triple figure bets on both of them to win this morning where hopefully they can face each other in the finals.

In stringing other news regarding the basketball tournament, I put together a bracket that I meant to enter into a big 275 person pool and managed to enter it against only Ryan Badgerow accidently. I have Villanova and Duke in my finals and Duke winning. If Duke plays Nova in the finals and wins, I believe I would have won that tournament. That’s about $1,500 that could have been mine, but more importantly, the notoriety of winning. Fortunately, because I have blind faith, I’ve been betting on the two teams every game including last night for triple figures each. This has at least helped limit the pain. Is seems like fate that Coach K and Jay Wright will square off for the finals. Keep betting them in the final 4!

I’ll be heading to Mexico on Tuesday for Sam L’s wedding and won’t be posting for a full week. Sam will have to pick up the slack. Also speaking of Sam, he played some amazing golf over the weekend hitting some shots from places I never knew existed on the course to incredible places. He shot 52 on the back of my country club which should have been 50 if he used his putter on the hill on 18. Either way, you won’t be hearing from me for a bit so hopefully this post doesn’t make me look like a dope with egg on my face and instead holes out. Matches start at 10am. I’ll be leaning Miami for the 2:20pm game and how can you not bet against St Peters? Intuitively, I think they will get stomped because watching them against Purdue, they looked pretty average and Purdue couldn’t shoot for shit. We shall see.