Being woke is an awareness for societal and racial justice which most people are for. Where the woke line starts to become disruptive is when it undermines principals that the United States was built on such as free speech, democracy, and meritocracy. Is it wrong to think a racist joke is funny? Is it wrong that a woman soccer player doesn’t get paid the same as a man? Should the government take money from the hardest workers and spread it to the least useful? Woke people would tell you, don’t laugh, woman are the same as men, and spread the wealth.

A quick description of the woke. They usually have too much time on their hands not being employed. They believe in free speech as long as it is the same as what they are thinking. Their social justice crusade likes to end with rioting and looting. The main key is shaming people who don’t “get it.”

This video is a classic.

What is the Problem?

I ran the Art Museum steps on April 20th, the day Derek Chauvin was convicted. 2 white officers were outside and I asked them what their opinion of the verdict was. They said it was an isolated incident that had nothing to do with them. Society likes to bring forth one incident and spread it as every officer acts that way which is wrong. They told me that the line for new recruits into the police force was minimal and they wouldn’t do it either if they hadn’t been there so long already. Police officers feel the wokeness and society will start to realize what they lose when the officers…stop caring.

Which brings me to a cheerleader behind social justice. She doesn’t mention that these incidents happen while the victims wield weapons, resist arrest, or pose threats to society, but why would that matter?

Is it Nefarious or Sinister?

This is where woke people miss the target. I have never attended a BLM rally. I don’t actively support LGBTQ rights. I don’t know what’s happening with the heroin crisis in Kensington. Not doing this doesn’t make me a bad person. I’m not creating hate groups or storming the Capitol. Guess what I’m doing? Working on myself. I’m bettering my mind by reading books. I stay in shape and take care of my body. I’m creating value by going to work every day. My lack of effort towards these movements is hampered by my literal lack of time to do them. I don’t disagree with being woke, but I’m not the problem as much as people want to point out that silence is violence. My aims towards these politics are neither nefarious or sinister. Sadly, the woke people can’t say the same.

This is that next level.