Jeff sent Sam and I link on Thursday towards registering for a Covid vaccine appointment. Sam was saying how the spots were filling instantly and I decided to see if I could get it. It reminded me of when you’re trying to get the Radio 104.5 Block Tickets and you see if you’re the lucky one of the group who gets through. I managed to schedule one for 7:08pm today. I didn’t have intention to get this vaccine at my earliest convenience. The way the cookie crumbled, I got on the vaccination list.

An email says to arrive at 6pm so I did. It’s like herding cattle and all you need is an ID to await your death shot. The line trails along and I stood for about 25 minutes. I got to the next area and it looks like this.

Lots of registration tables, people in camouflage, and volunteers pointing towards various areas. It flowed incredibly smoothly and when it was my turn, the shot took 1 minute. I was sent towards a waiting area where I scanned a QR code and registered for dose 2. I left immediately after not waiting the suggested 15 minutes and am now writing this blog at 7:02pm, 6 minute before my appointment was.

My first inclination about scheduling the appointment was that I was getting the vaccine even though I was not eligible. Turns out, anyone and everyone was there to get vaccinated. The appointment time meant nothing was another caveat. I’d be lying if it didn’t cross my mind that I’m allowing the Government to put some foreign substance in my body. If I thought my life had any meaning, I’d put up more of a fight, but I eventually concluded that if I can go to the bar again, I’m in. It’s just odd that I’m preventing something that wasn’t a problem. What if I’m immune to Covid 19? Why do I need to get the vaccine? Is there some underlying reason I’m being asked to get the vaccine? I know most people just gladly waltz into this area filled with thousands of people (Covid liability?) and let people put whatever Big Pharma wants to tell them is good for them, but I’m suspicious. If you’re not, we think differently.

If I keel over and die, I’m glad I wrote this blog post.