DraftKing Big Bets

I placed a $780 dollar wager on the Bengals on Sunday. This was the biggest sports bet I’ve made since the Rex Grossman led Bears in the 2007 NFC Championship against the Saints. The Bengals smoked the Steelers and I won the bet. Already pretty drunk, I wanted to turn it into a big day and bet $400 on the 49ers vs Vikings. Draftkings system wouldn’t take the bet. Call it a glitch. Call it them flagging the account. Whatever it was, I didn’t get the bet placed. The next day they wrote me an email giving me a $20 free bet because I had “trouble” placing the bet. Shenanigans. Further, I read and article that said DK is not looking for “profitable” players that take advantage of bonuses or who know what they are doing. Strong company…

Don’t Ice My Boy

The large Bengals bet was somewhat spontaneous except the night before I lost about $1,000 playing roulette. I didn’t even know I had lost that. I remember $500 dollar spins and tipping my cab driver absurdly. When I saw I withdrew the K on Monday, I was a bit surprised, but not THAT surprised. What I did remember was being asked to leave the casino because I was being unruly. The reason I was being unruly was because they were heat checking Jordan while he was winning. They do this by moving dealers in and out quickly or re-shuffling shoes if the player starts winning. I called them out and then they kicked me out because I wouldn’t put on their mask. Another awesome place.

This is Not a Bench

Well, technically it is. That’s not the point. Since I’ve been going to the gym I’ve noticed an increase in phone activity. 95% of the people there have their phones in hand. The gym used to be a place where people exercise, not socialize. It’s now commonplace to do a set, scan your phone for 2 minutes, then do your next set while not getting up. I’m not sure if it’s complacency in the work out or poor etiquette, but it’s annoying.

Restaurant Outside Areas

Last year Covid brought outdoor dining around the city and it never left. For those who don’t know, they turned street parking spaces into outdoor areas with tents. For small restaurants, this gave them a source of income during trying times. No problem. After a year and a half, all you have now is safety violations and less parking spots. I won’t make a fuss during nice weather because outdoor seating is nice, but if you’re saying that people prefer dining in 32° weather instead of going maskless indoors, I’ll move to Nebraska where the people don’t give shit.

Trans Penn Swimmer Best in Women’s Sport

“Being trans has not affected my ability to do this sport and being able to continue is very rewarding.”

According to SwimSwam, Thomas “blasted the number one 200 free time and the second-fastest 500 free time in the nation on Saturday, breaking Penn program records in both events.” The swimming blog later noted that Thomas’s times in both races marked new Ivy League records, as well.

As someone who grew up playing sports, I can’t get behind men beating women in women’s sports. This isn’t a pronoun discussion. This is a debacle of competition and it’s unfair to the natural women who play the sports. If every women who gets beat by a trans man is fine with their sport being dominated by men, then fine, I don’t give a shit. Do whatever you want. However, if my daughter was getting smoked by an athlete who swam on men’s team for 3 years and is potentially faster than the best girl in the entire world, it doesn’t make sense. NCAA Rules are Rules. LOL!

GolfNow HotDeal

I started the conversation off with support saying I’m going to try my best to stay calm. Within 2 minutes I was getting more heated as I wasn’t getting the response I was expecting. I booked a hot deal under the wrong date. Hot deals apparently can’t be refunded for cash, only coupon codes. I said, “if that’s going to be your take I’m disputing the charge. I accidently made the tee time, give me my money back.” They wouldn’t budge and I disputed the charge. I will never make another tee time on GolfNow and will tell everyone I know it’s a shitty owned Comcast company. Sorry Evan and Jordan. It’s trash.