Netflix actually cratered 37%.

An Example of the Netflix Content

To be fair Arnold Schwarzenegger made Junior. The series below is called “He’s Expecting”. I had never seen Junior, but I read that it was an experiment for a fertility drug and Arnold was a willing participant. Here is the description of He’s Expecting, when a successful ad executive who’s got it all figured out becomes pregnant, he’s forced to confront social inequities he’d never considered before. There is a big piece missing to that like, how?

The Woke Mind Virus

I notice that businesses that go woke do not do as well as they think they should. Not everyone is on board with the so called “wokeness” that big money pressures businesses into supporting. Who exactly pressures them? This is a good question that I can’t answer, but I’d start with the Government movement towards new votes and Big Tech and their creed of creating inclusion in humanity. For me, I don’t have a problem with inclusion as suggested, but dismantling a system that has produced such incredible results, as the USA has for humanity, is idiotic.

Howard Stern’s Transformation

Howard Stern is a perfect examples of left wing wokeness. Throughout Howard’s career, he made a name for himself by saying what others were scared to and gained an audience of millions. He’d constantly be fined by the FCC for being vulgar and unruly. When Artie was a part of the radio show, I don’t think there were funnier bits of talk radio. Today he is a mere shadow of his former self being scared to use any racial slur that may be deemed “wrong” by the woke minds of today. In Howard’s case, aside from his paranoia from the Coronavirus which is another symptom of the far left, he thought his audience would come with him but he was wrong. I peruse the Reddit board (another woke company) and the forum posters blast Hollywood Howie to smithereens for his fake transformation from what he was to what he wants be, which is accepted by Hollywood.

Howard hasn’t left his cave in 2 years.

Chappelle Show!

Another perfect example of woke going south is with comedy. When you can’t laugh at the world, you’re probably too woke for it. I noticed this during some of Chapelle’s Netflix specials and the LGBQT people in the audience who didn’t think it’s funny. I’m sure Netflix took a big onslaught from the LGBQT community about airing Chappelle, which is a sliver of people compared to the people who find him funny. A recipe for losing money is catering to the minority. This can be debated that slavery was wrong and only affected a minority. Simply put, comedy is not slavery.

The Numbers are Speaking!

It isn’t hard to understand that when you make major changes to include the minority, which affects the majority, you’ll see that the numbers are not going to be what you want them to be. Think a trans woman beating all the actual woman in collegiate swimming. There are WAY more people out there who still can use their brains to think and don’t buy this agenda they are being told that they should eat. When the people, and Elon being the major supporter, and I would vote for him in a second if he ran for President, see that what’s happening is shitty, they’ll turn. Biden’s terrible approval rating should speak for how lousy his actions are.

Our President takes directions from the Easter Bunny.


Final example, LibsofTikTok exposes schools indoctrinating young children with extremely confusing views that even adults don’t fully understand. I don’t believe children under a young age need to know about transgenderism, black lives matter, and being queer. If a parent agrees to let a teacher teach their children about this, then let them go to that school. If they don’t agree, don’t teach them. It’s not that hard. When you do this in secrecy, you’re wrong.