This will be a recurring themed post. I’m going to pick 4 of my favorite “whatever the category is”. My goal it to get oddly specific as the topics narrow. Today’s will be a simple go at it to get our feet wet. A subjective topic that is incredibly superficial.

4. Brie Larson

The first time I saw Brie Larson was in 21 Jump Street. She wasn’t the knock out, drop dead gorgeous girl with a killer bod. She had the girl next door, I think she’s pretty, but not turning heads look. Oh how 8 years developed. It’s clear that Brie has established herself as a sex symbol and will flaunt those assets on prime time TV. I’ve never seen Captain Marvel, but I’d bet a lot of guys like it for more reasons than her ability as a super hero.

3. Blake Lively

This one is simple if you’ve seen The Shallows. That orange bikini was killer. What a brilliant concept, let’s get Blake Lively to act dopey in a bikini trying to kill a shark for 87 minutes. Before the Shallows there was Accepted which gave every nerd hope that a girl like Monica Moreland would fall for a poindexter dork like Bartleby (Justin Long). Super fat Jonah Hill was also notable in this movie. She married Ryan Reynolds who is the guy every other guy compares himself in the looks department and I’m sure the two of them produce perfect children. I didn’t even see the lesbian kiss with #2 on my list but these directors know what they are doing with her.

2. Anna Kendrick

Who was that cute girl next to Bella in Twilight? She’s adorable. That was 12 years ago and she blossomed into one of Hollywoods main draws. She’s not model type like Blake Lively. What’s attractive is where I know that Blake Lively is far too hot for anyone not named Ryan Reynolds, Anna Kendrick seems like she wouldn’t ask you to throw out her trash if you said hello. It’s probably the Beca part in Pitch Perfect and the Psychologist in 50/50. I didn’t catch her sex scenes in Love Life (lulz), but I’m sure people were standing at attention. I feel her petite figure also boosts her value.

1. Elisha Cuthbert

Who doesn’t remember Kim Bauer and the mountain lion? She was always getting captured and Jack had to save her dumb ass. Then there was the Girl Next Door in her most iconic (and only) real role. She was the pornstar who had a heart in that movie. I looked in her IMDB to see if I missed any feature roles and there aren’t any. She was in Are You Afraid of the Dark on Nickelodeon. So how am I pulling some blonde bimbo out as my #1. First of all, no one else would pick her as #1 which are automatic points. I love the blonde hair and I think her measurements are the finest. Not too tall or short, great face and slamming body. She’s my faaaaavoooorite.

Honorable Mention – Lindsay Lohan (Pre Coke)