Last night was a disaster.

After getting wasted at Sto’s with Jonny and Gourlay I went home to sleep. It was thunderstorming.

Covy was all out of whack. He HATES thunderstorms. His feelings towards thunderstorms are like mine towards golf. It just keeps coming back even though I hate it.

I fell asleep quickly but around midnight Covy starts scratching the door. If Covy was Captain Falcon, scratching the door would be his Falcon Punch, his signature move.

A lot of times he’s just hungry, and if I feed him he’s good. But when he’s triggered from something like a thunderstorm, there’s just no getting through to him.

Between midnight and 5am I got out of bed four times and woke up probably another four just from him scratching things or meowing in my face.

I don’t know what to do. I literally want to punt him when he does it. He makes no sense.

Has anyone actually used CBD on their pets? I’m ready to try. I don’t know how he can be so cool during the day and such a beta at night.