People don’t realize Draymond Green has been playing under a reconstructed contract. It’s a low, low price point and at that price point HE CAN HIT!

What’s Going On?

I imagine you laughed at the above description / video or else:

These cold days are not fun for me. Our work building has a heater running on fumes which barely brings temperatures up into the 60’s. A hole in the roof let water into the office enough to damage Jeff’s computer. The mice have colonized the crawl spaces and it’s a matter of time before they make their attack. So work’s been great.

I’m moving out of my house into an apartment and turning the house into an investment vehicle. This is going to require a lot of my money… It’s a good thing DKNG and GME have been going up. Sorry about UAVS. I’m down about 20k on it so hopefully you’re doing better than me. I still like tweeting at the CEO’s who’ve stolen my money.

We’re going to be moving out of the shoddy Stortz building of 170 years. I wish I took a picture. I’ll post it when I get to work tomorrow in this same post, so be sure to check back if you’re reading this on the 13th. That’ll be a MAJOR change, but it has to be done. I look at this as the mover/shaker point of my life and my plan is to go with the flow. I have a feeling that good vibes are on the way and the plan will work itself out.