I figured Tom would post this, and he may have planned to, but it’s too good NOT to post.

Cameo, if you don’t know, is a service where you can pay people to send you a personalize message. A great gift idea for anyone who doesn’t really need material goods.

High Pitch Erik is a member of Howard Stern’s Wack Pack. He has a high pitched voice, is obese, and has an IQ of 66. Unless you listen to the Stern Show, you will never hear of High Pitch. I would say 0% of my friends would ever want a Cameo from him.

But that’s the great thing about Cameo! Since it’s so easy for both parties, really specific people will set it up and do it to make some cash. There are probably less than 1000 people on the planet who would want a Cameo from High Pitch. But Tom falls into that 1000 people, so we paid $80 for High Pitch to record a special happy birthday message.

You’ll see he reads our message verbatim which was not our desire and that he’s clearly never heard the term “fruits of labor” before. It’s hilarious that High Pitch recorded this and thought “that’s good enough, easily $80 worth, ” But that’s the beauty of it! It’s personal, it’s unique, it’s something that in 1980 or even 2000 you could only dream of having such a specific person actually respond to you.

2020 ain’t so bad after all. Happy bday Tom!

I couldn’t embed the video for some reason but the link below should work. Enjoy.