I’m using these Istock photos because I’ve had a subscription for the past 5 years and have 251 pictures to use on the account and doesn’t that dog look cute!

I wrote this post last week, but posted the people one instead because I thought it was better, and don’t want this one to go to waste. Here are differences between being home and being on the road.


Home – I’m comfortable in my house. I have the TV I like. Many options for food. Sleeping in my own bed. I can do laundry. Use the computer. Many “luxuries” that are taken for granted. It’s not the nicest, but it offers all of my needs.

Away – I’ve learned the hard way that staying in $100 a night rooms is almost always a mistake if you can afford otherwise. The hotels I stay at offer amenities I’m not used to like infinity pools by the beach, incredible shower water pressure, and hotel bars down a few flights of steps. My goal is not to stay in the room though so it’s a pricey way to live.

A resort swimming pool at twilight


Home – If I never left my city, I would be in far better shape physically. There is a consistency to a lifestyle when you never leave. I have all my exercise gear. I can drive if I need an essential item like Zero Sugar Glacier Freeze. I also shit more comfortably which when you’re away is never the same. There is nothing that prohibits me from not being satisfied.

Away – The Walgreens in Daytona beach is a shit hole. I was able to get my Glacier Freeze but when you’re away, it’s not always as simple as when you’re home. My forehead developed a red mark that wasn’t a pimple and I didn’t have any face wash which annoyed me. My hair was too long, and I don’t have any gel, so it falls over my head in a straight line I look like Lloyd in Dumb in Dumber. These small grievances, combined with the struggle to exercise with out carrying around sweaty clothes, is far worse than home.


Home – I’m not the healthiest eater, but I rarely have junk food (aside from Peanut M&M’s at work) and infrequently eat fast food. I get meals from Freshly which are far superior to frozen food. I can get into a routine where I’m not not adding or losing weight and feel “normal”.

Away – The first night away I got Jimmy Johns for dinner. The next night I ate Salmon. My 3rd night was followed by a chicken quesadilla at 10pm. The last night I had appetizers from 4pm to 10pm without eating a dinner. Lunch was random like eating a seafood sampler from Eat at Joes 🤮. I had lunch at a tradeshow, then a great meal at an Italian place followed by a salad at a diner. One day for breakfast I ate an omelette for breakfast at a diner. Eating out is not nearly as healthy or routine.

Selection of bad fat sources, copy space


Home – I’ve learned how to consume alcohol slightly better when I’m home compared to when I was younger. I consume zero drinks outside of social activities and they seem to be coming to a crawl. Aside from the rare Saturday when I’m starting early and going late, the alcohol doesn’t have a huge effect on my life efforts.

Away – Without a doubt I drink more away from home. I’m generally spending the time socializing and it’s more fun meeting people when I’m drinking. This takes a toll on the body and can’t be kept up for more than a few days. If you don’t give your body any recovery time, you’ll be feeling lousy and not being your best self.

two men clinking glasses of whiskey drink alcohol beverage together at counter in the pub

New People

Home – It’s rare I meet new people at home. Perhaps at a bar every once in while, but it’s mostly people inside the social circle. This has an element of boredom to it. That’s not to say that the people you know are boring, but they are always people who you know.

Away – If you read that post from last week, you’ll know I meet some out there people.