I carry a stick of deodorant in my car. It’s dumb because if it gets too hot, the stick has a chance to melt inside the middle compartment, yet, I’m willing to take the risk of melting deodorant instead of stinking like BO. In the morning after I shower, I instinctively put on my arm pit perfume, but for some reason, I can’t always remember if it did it or not. This leaves me putting it on twice or thinking I did it when I didn’t. So if I leave the house and I smell even a hint of odor, I assume I forgot it and it irritates me to the point that it’s all I think about, thus having the car stick.

Now you know my deodorant habit, but the post question is how long does it last before I start smelling again? Without extensive testing, I call bullshit on the 24 hour long lasting coverage. Mine usually lasts 8 hours. At 8 hours, I smell it coming through and will re-apply. Why am I obsessive with not smelling like shit? I can’t think of many situations outside of pooping yourself or peeing your pants which rivals pit stench. It applies to the theory that if I think it’s bad, other people have to think it’s worse. The people who believe in the philosophy that if they don’t think it’s that bad, other people won’t mind…that’s loser think.

I don’t want to be known as the smelly guy. That’s up there with the guy who can’t read the room and brings up uncomfortable topics. Smelling isn’t hard not to do but requires more attention than some people credit. I don’t like when I leave my clothes in the washer and forget to dry them because then they have that fake washed smell which I can’t stand. I’ll re-wash. I’m aware there are different types of deodorant that offer protection, but I hate the spray, and have a distaste for the anti-perspirant white guck. This leaves me with the tried and true Old Spice Sport. What do you use?