I’m currently in a $350 dollar hotel room that I was sold at $100 a night. I wake up around 7am and try new restaurants for breakfast. I come back to the room and read for a bit before pumping some Uplifting Trance mix and typing on a keyboard about mindless drivel while watching the stock market. Then I exercise until I have to schmooze at a trade show for 6 hours only to eat a nice meal after and do it again the next day. Plus I amazingly only had 2 beers yesterday so I feel perfectly content to do it again. The Easyway is to never drink again so, I haven’t quite got there yet, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Plus you know what? I’m good at it. Not not drinking, but attending trade shows and conversing. The way that I interact, where I know my place in the industry, and I know where their benefit may lie, makes for seamless communication. No stumbling. No awkwardness. One German from Cologne even said he’d help me sell tools in China. Nobody was offering me that when I walked around in my 20’s. This is in part of who I was at that age and what I brought to the table. Plus I know my own capabilities. Sorry Jeff and Sam that I’m enjoying the fruits of our labor while you’re stuck in the office, but life’s not fair.