I think I’m addicted to podcasts. If I’m ever in my apartment, walking around the city, or driving, I always have a podcast on.

But what made me think that I might be addicted happened this weekend.

I was listening to a podcast on the speaker in my apartment. Then I decided I would walk downstairs to Palm Tree and get a coffee. This is literally a 10 second walk from my apartment door to the front door of Palm Tree. In that moment, I instinctively turned my speaker off, put my Airpods in, and listened to the podcast for the 10 second walk before removing my Airpods and heading into the store.

It’s like crack. I have to have it. I don’t even think about it. 10 seconds? Auto. Would I rather listen to silence or Michael Barbaro tell me that the Omicron variant is going to end the world? Omicron.

I guess three seconds would be my cutoff for when it’s not worth it put my Airpods in and continue listening. That seems reasonable.

And every podcast runs at 1.5x. Because why listen to one podcast for an hour when I could listen to a podcast and a half in an hour?