Tier 5: Skip These Every Time

These are the worst of the worst. I skip these every time they come on.

57. Party / Garfield House

The worst of the worst! Someone has to be last and this skit did absolutely everything it could to earn last place. I don’t see the humor or appeal in this at all. The intervention doesn’t land. The house feels wildly forced. There’s not one lol-able moment in the entire thing. The. Worst.

56. Tammy Craps

Brutal from start to finish. I feel bad because the main little girl probably thought she did a great job as an actress, but everything about this skit is bad. It’s so annoying that it actually makes me mad to watch it. I can’t watch this one without getting mad.

55. Little Buff Boys

I want to like this guy. I really do. People say he’s great on the show Detroiters, but as you’ll see throughout these rankings, I find his skits terrible. This is maybe the cringeist skit in the whole series given how hard he’s trying. It’s a worse version of Baby of the Year.

54. Christmas Carol (Ghost of Christmas Way Future)

Same as above. I WANT to like this guy! But this skit sucks! Plain and simple. The idea is stupid, there’s no quoteable lines, I don’t really get it, the whole thing just sucks.

53. Dave Campor

A shitty extension of Little Buff Boys and I honestly don’t even really get it. It only ranks higher than LBB because it’s shorter thank god.

52. Horse Ranch

The premise isn’t funny, the characters aren’t funny, the dialogue isn’t funny. It doesn’t make me mad like the ones above do, but the idea of horses with small penises is not good by any means.

51. Claire’s

I have to admit, when the guy says he ordered a sybian for his wife, I lol, but the rest of the skit is so bad that it has to be skipped entirely. This sticks to the joke the whole way and it’s weak.

50. New Joe (Funeral Organist)

For how outlandish it is, this skit is completely forgettable.

49. Crashmore Interview

I thought Crashmore would grow on me but they both got worse over time. This one is a Billy Bob spoof, but the actual Billy Bob interview is 10 times more entertaining.

48. Crashmore Trailer

The attempted one liners are bad. I feel like they thought him yelling “YOU SUCK!!!!” as he shot people would be a hit. Turns out, it fucking sucks.

Tier 4: Worth Watching (Barely)

These aren’t good, but have a good laugh or two or a quotable line that make them watchable

47. Baby of the Year

This one will never make sense to me. Multiple people have this as their TOP SKIT. OF THE WHOLE SERIES. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. I don’t get why people like this one. The crowd insults fall SO flat and it’s too long. Again, I want to like this guy, but he’s just trying too hard. The memoriams are actually funny though.

46. Shops at the Creek

A gimmicky extension of Dan Flashes. The best part is seeing the crazy patterns. The final boss shirt is actually awesome. But this isn’t a real attempt at a skit.

45. Lifetime Achievement

It was humping you dude” loses me. “What do you even have?” brings me back a little, but this lacks the pizazz that the good ones have.

44. Prank Show

This is the most disappointing skit of the entire series. No doubt about it. The make up, lead up, and actual costume are hilarious, and then they take it in this direction that’s just not funny. I don’t get it. He’s in the mall! He looks amazing! Have him do SOMETHING! One guy wrote that he laughed so hard that he had to pause it when he said there was too much shit on him. Like, wat. So much potential and still sort of funny, but hard to get over how good this could have been.

43. Diner Wink

It’s cool that they got Bob O to do this, and he does a pretty decent job, but the classic car premise isn’t funny. I chuckle a bit when he starts crying “She’s gonna get better“.

42. TC Tuggers

Him speaking slightly too loud and the delayed “Not really” after drinking water save this skit from being bottom tier, but the commercial afterward is absolutely unbearable.

41. Baby Shower

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but this is too out there and over the top to be good. “I thought it was gonna be a hit. It turns out it fucking sucks!” is a super memeable quote though. The guy doing the tommy gun at the end is the funniest part.

40. Wilson’s Toupees

The motions & noises in the very beginning and very end crack me up but the rest is meh.

39. Credit Card Roulette

Strong start, flailing finish. Skits like this make me wonder what I’d think of it if Tim were the star. Is it a tier 2 if Tim takes this one?

38. Corncob TV

The critics like this one. WHY?! Can someone explain why this is consensus top 10? A few of the lines land but it’s like a C+ Tim Robinson performance and super repetitive. I swear I feel like I’m not watching the same skits at these hack rankers. I know this is all subjective but it baffles me that this is a loved one.

37. The Man (Will Forte)

Another one that people rank high, I assume because Will Forte is in it. It’s… okay? Him saying “Oh that’s a good idea, move in the direction in where I’m heading” is the only real lol for me, and his bald cap. But otherwise it’s a bit too long.

Tier 3: Now We’re Gettin’ Good

These are the meat of the show that get you from the shit to the gold with laughs along the way.

36. Honk if You’re Horny

It takes a bit to get going but it’s funny once Tim and O’Malley interact. The noise that O’Malley makes (I can only describe it as ‘aghghahghgahg’) kills me. Shout out Tony for Fri. Day. Night.

35. Biker Gang

The skit is cheesy. Someone even told me they’d rank this last. It’s weird to say but it feels sincere in it’s delivery? It’s certainly not the funniest but for some reason I find this one enjoyable and endearing.

34. Johnny Carson

I think this one tries a little too hard but it works. “He REALLY wacked him” and “there’s like, no nice restaurants” get laughs from me.

33. Hot Dog Vac Commercial

This is an example of a stupid idea for a skit that Tim carries to being watchable and funny. Seriously, the idea of a vacuum strictly for sucking hotdogs out of your mouth does not make me laugh. But his persona and enthusiasm make this good.

32. Jamie Taco

Just a good middle of the road sketch. Not too flashy or memorable, but worth watching.

31. Magician

Tim isn’t the one being ridiculous! The magician’s insults are actually insulting.

30. Chunky

I have a feeling I’ll be lambasted for having this so low, but it’s a little long for my taste and Samburg isn’t funny in this which is a bummer. Obviously though, the Tim and Chunky interaction makes this good.

29. Parking Lot

A short and sweet start to an episode, and a pretty funny concept, but nothing out of this world.

28. Choking

It’s a stupid premise, but the fake punch and yelling “poppers!” are lolers, while the ending view of him getting the Heimlich is amazing.

27. Laser Spine Specialists

This is a drag until we meet Robby Star, but once we do, Robby Star IS a star. GOOD premise.

26. Big Wave

Why does Julie call Paul “Honey” after he falls off the table? Her husband is old and good looking and clearly NOT Paul, right? I don’t get it. Unless Paul IS supposed to be her husband and they’re just talking about him like he’s not there the whole time when he’s clearly right in front of them. “Chode. Jeans.

25. Driver’s Ed

This is too long but “TABLES!” has a good ring to it and “I CAN’T KNOW HOW TO HEAR ANYMORE ABOUT TABLES” has an even better ring to it.

24. Hot Dog Lunch

I’ve never seen someone eat a hotdog for lunch. Tim coming up like a raging zombie then them holding his ears back kills me. Never skip lunch.

23. Nachos

This does a lot with a little. “Can you just say the restaurant has a rule??“. There are multiple funny lines but “We’re gonna be so early for that movie” is what kills me the most at the end.

22. Mars Restaurant

I was sour on this to start, but this one grows on you the more you watch it. “Take your head, out of that head” is one of the funniest lines in the entire series.

21. Professor Burger

The professor is a weirdly good character (though completely unbelievable that he would be an actual good professor) and “I’m joking” is so useful to quote in so many different situations.

Tier 2: Must Watch Skits

Not the GOATs, but I’m sure a lot of these would be in others’ top 10.

20. Capital Room

I can imagine people hating her and this skit, but I find this girl funny. The weird noise she makes kills me and it’s pretty quick from start to finish.

19. Both Ways

This is the skit that made me fall in love the show, though others seemingly don’t share my love for it. Cutting back to the guy interviewing him over and over is so well done. Short. Simple. Hilarious.

18. Instagram

Simply put, Brenda’s captions are lolers. Pig dicks, wet wet mud, bags of meat, etc. It’s quick and gets its laughs in fast. A great example of how this show should work and doesn’t use Tim’s absurdity to make it go.

17. Gift Receipt

It’s a great concept all around and you can see Jacob feels like he’s taking crazy pills as Tim gets more and more aggressive. I guess Tim actually dies? Does it matter? It doesn’t matter.

16. Huge Dumps

People putting this in their bottom 10 are a fucking joke. “I AM SERIOUS MA’AM“, “You live like, sooo far“, “That’s your voice?!“. Also, the Dave definitely DOES take a huge dumps. I don’t think Luka needed to call Rodney to give him that reputation.

15. Blues Brothers

O’Malley steals the show in the beginning with “Are you serious” and the fake laugh, but Tim goes all-star mode with his dance moves. How do people not like this one?

14. New Printer

Wildly underrated. Maybe I have a crush on this girl and I don’t know it. “I KNOW THAT. I’M NOT STUPID. I’M SMARTER THAN YOU“. I think the girl is great.

13. Brooks Brothers

If someone has never seen the show, this may be the skit that gives them the best impression. Very good from start to finish and I get why a lot of critics have it top 10.

12. Mitch Bryant Lawyer

A wonderful slow build in absurdity. The hair, the enthusiasm, the rising voice, the concepts. This one is fantastic.

11. Baby Sitter

Such an underrated one. Barry asks all the normal questions about the hit and run and the ‘kind of nothing‘ explanation is a home run. Not a dull moment and multiple lols throughout.

Tier 1: The All Timers

I want to stress how good these top 10 are. I rewatched the entire series from start to finish for this post, but I re-rewatched these top 10 multiple times because of how difficult it was to rank them.

10. Bozo

I see this ranked low in pretty much every article I’ve read and I don’t understand why. Tim plays a character that he doesn’t play in any other skit, and although his facial expressions are always good, they’re all-time good in this one. This is gold. The ending face is 10/10.

9. Robert Palins

So fucking confused” is the funniest line of the entire show on your first watch through. Not even attempting to play the instruments cracks me up and the lyrics are nonsensical but somehow quoteable. The only reason it’s not higher is because it loses some of its luster after you’ve seen it 20+ times.

8. Dan Flashes

Maybe the most iconic skit of season 2? The idea of shirts that are just insanely complicated is fantastic and this is Office Tim at his finest. There are 10 lines that are fully quoteable.

7. Focus Group

One of the original skits that made the show popular and rightly so. I don’t know if this skit works if anyone else does it besides this random old bald guy with the ridiculous accent, but he clearly nails the part. The flinching / marrying your mother in law isn’t as good as the beginning.

6. Pink Bag

This skit fucks, from beginning to end, yet these cuck article writers rank this bottom 10 all the time. I do not understand it. “Is that the joke??” This is just letting Tim cook for two minutes in a way no one else can. If you don’t find that funny then I don’t know what to tell you.

5. Sloppy Steaks

There’s a lot to say about this one. Sloppy steaks are iconic. Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend guy) writing the Dangerous Nights song is great. “The blue dolphin burned down…” is a throw away line but the funniest part to me. Like a lot of these top ranked one, this is just Tim being Tim.

4. Ghost Tour

Jizz” to lead things off. “Not really” to close it out. And a lot of little fuckers in between. His insistence on using jizz and big fat load of cum are amazing. The “Not really” to his mom at the end might be the best line of the whole thing. Great skit.

3. Insider Trading / Hat in Court

There’s a LOT of meat in this one once it gets going. The Fred Astaire roll-the-hat-down-the-arm is an all-time moment. The dynamic of watching it happen and also watching his reaction in court is really clever. I have to imagine sales of fedoras with safari flaps (are these even real?) sky rocketed.

2. Calico Cut Pants

There are two issues here. 1) How do you explain your pants once your REAL piss dots dry up? 2) Why would there be a pop-up on the site EXPLAINING that it’s not a real site?? Whenever you try to use the site as an excuse they’d know your pants are fake!

Regardless, this skit is incredible. Everything about it. It’s 8 minutes and every single part is funny. What’s the best line? “Did ya give?” “You hit me in the cup!” “HOLD THAT DOOR!“. I was initially surprised that I had this ranked so high, but after rewatching it multiple times, it’s completely worthy of #2.

1. Game Night

After rewatching everything, I had a hard time ranking 2-10, but this was always number 1 to me. Right off the bat Howie sets the tone for the best skit of them all. “Your record collection is very meat and potatoes” and her response of “Thanks” creates an amazing dynamic. “This is a cool hat“, “he’s no Roy Donk“, “PAUL BUFANO PAUL BUFANO“. The faces he makes throughout are perfect and the absurdity of the situation land 100%. He single handedly make this skit the GOAT. The rewatchability is 10/10 and there is not one bad joke.