Re-watching I Think You Should Leave is essential for proper rankings. First watch throughs miss what eventually become the funniest moments. Tim’s faces seen for the first time don’t do justice until you fully understand the sketch. The original music doesn’t sink in until you hear it 10 times. Deeper examination of each sketch brings out more appreciation. These rankings are done after many watch throughs. The difference in my rankings vs Sam’s is in the title.

Tier 4: Skip ‘Em

26. Metaloid Maniac (-5) – A Sam Richardson dud, like most of his unfortunately. The concept that the Metaloid Maniac should be fast, and him being slow, just isn’t funny. No one gives a shit that he built it. I could barely even find a line, let alone a funny line, in this.

Best Line: “No. There’s no way to do that, Dan”

25. Surprise Party (-3) – Aside from the song “Wild On”, this sketch offers nothing. Feeding the cut out shots and windex is silly, and the ending with the dog shit is dumb. Moderate amusement when you realize the boss is the guy from the driving skit in the second season. Just a dreadful episode that’s not worth valuable time.

Best Line:Dogs are to Steven what rats are to me.”

24. Wedding Photo (+1) – This could easily be last. Tim Meadows tries too hard and the throw up is not funny. Also, when he says, “Barney”, I thought he was saying, “Bernie.” The ending dance salvaged this from being the very worst skit.

Best Line: You ever heard of John Richter?

23. Dirty Songs (+1) – Flop. Saying we’re not going to Corset is the only funny part aside from when he says his uncle is awesome who lived with his grandpa and he did too. The idea that Don Bon Darly forgets all the songs because no one ever requests them is mildly funny. The dirty songs, and the jacking off conclusion, offer zero shock value to go along with not being funny.

Best Line: “Oh my god, you got us coke.”

22. Proposal Park (+1) – I’m not sure what it is about Sam Richardson, but I don’t think he’s funny. Actually loses points with the ending of “did your penis pop?” I’m not sure what that even means and him saying being “redder than hell” as well. Just a bad skit.

Best Line: “King Larry is also Scarecrow.”

21. Street Sets (+5) – I find the “Brian Cambridge” line and when the kid says because he’s a stranger he can call him whatever he wants comical. Not a complete dud in my mind, but Fred Armisen, as much of the other guests, tries too hard to make it work.

Best Line: “I’m sorry mista.

20. Jelly Bean (-9) – Big swing between Sam and myself. “And I never talk” is funny, but the evolution misses with the frat boys and the screaming from Jelly Bean. Tim’s funny, but he can’t save this skit. I can see how someone watches this once and likes it, but it doesn’t hold up to many run throughs.

Best Line: “It’s a rake!

Tier 3: You Should Find a Laugh

19. Darmine Doggy Door (-3) – I sincerely don’t understand how people can put this as their #1. It’s like we’re watching different shows. The existential crisis of realizing that for those 50 seconds his first thought was that he wouldn’t have to go to work because he’s about to get eaten, and realizing how he hates his work/life was oddly deep, but the whole neighbor part and the doggy door aren’t funny.

Best Line:I’ve barely been sleeping because my wife got flipped upside down by a swing dancer at a wedding. They must have flipped my wife 8 times!

18. Gelutol (+2) – I find more funny bits in the Gelutol as I re-watch. When he’s “wrenching” the toy car. When he says, “it’s not called Gelutol.” The fact the guy who has the issue is super bald. It’s not may favorite, but I can find some humor.

Best Line: “You paid for seeds, you get to look at the trees. Doink. Doink. Doink. Doink. Doink.”

17. Pay it Forward (-3) – Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. I like when he says, “you have to, you’re rich.” The ending falls flat though and once you get past the initial amusement of it being funny, it’s not that funny.

Best Line: “You look what you did you rich little fuck!

16. Pony Tail Car (+3) – Not great by any means but saying, “it looks like it goes down just past your butthole” and the “they can’t seat you until you’re here” followed by, “tell Ray, to tell him, that they can seat us, I am here…”, make me laugh. The neighbor role also provides some humor as a supporting character due to the irritation it causes Will Forte, specifically the “do you know this guy? No, why would I know him”.

Best Line: “I said without hurting it.” “Oh, oh, I thought you said with hurting it.”

15. Tasty Time Vids (-6) – There is a lot to dissect in this one and some parts are top notch. “I’m mad at you”, and the claps around the Frankenstein’s chick dance are great. The short itself is honestly hilarious with Frankenstein’s chick. The whole paid in fast food and nobody is going to take my daddy’s head is where this one lost some points in my book.

Best Line: “What the hell you are doing you little asshat. You little fucking stupid piece of shit.”

14. Banana Breath (-2) – I saw Jordan said this should be #2 and I know Jeff likes this as well. I think the banana breath line is funny, and I like when the guy says he doesn’t do computers, but I wouldn’t say this is a top skit. The woman is funny because of it being her in that environment and the ending is well done.

Best Line: “I’m putting you down, bitch.”

Tier 2: Very Well Done

13. Dog Hair Dating – The funniest parts are in the room together before the date. I still can’t figure out why that Cranston picture is so blurry and why he looks so old. When the guy says, “Come out” and he goes, “NO! I look dumb”, is 10/10. The ending with the two girlfriends loses it a bit for me.

Best Line: “It’s like from me to the guy over there with the plaid shirt and that dog hair.

12. VR Shopping Spree (+6) – This one has grown on me a lot because every time I think about the concept, I get crossed up. It starts with a bites and bits miscue which is oddly funny. Then Tim gets stuck and unable to breathe which is not that funny. Then he starts freaking out which is too over the top. Finally his faces of not being able to work the body are pretty good.

Best Line:Give me all that stuff!

12. ABX Heart Monitor (-4) – The dynamic between Tim and Tim Heidecker with the “I dip in there” and “maybe” are extremely good. The trap door, him banging around, and Kim K with the deck are blah. I do enjoy Tim’s solo dancing and Heidecker overstepping the doctor/patient relationship.

Best Line: “Don’t say you were jacking off, when you were at Haunted House!

10. Team Building (-2)Hate you Rick. You Too Stan. Fucking Rick! Rick does a great job of acting how a real person would act if you had a psycho like Tim in the room. The ending when Tim gets electrocuted with water is even funny because his character is so off the wall but the climax seemed a bit…odd with the big dude. Calling him a teacher at the end, followed by the best noise of the season, make me laugh.

Best Line: “Why’d you have to walk in on my orgy, fucker.”

9. Barley Tonight (-5) – The idea of the talk show host going on his phone when he’s losing is good, but the concept of him loving his phone was too over the top for me. I liked the line at the end when the guy says, “and she’s texting you about it?” “The guys are.” I swear that big dude looks like Greg Oden. The other guy who says, “where do you think it comes from, the bank?!” is hilarious.

Best Line: “That’s exactly the point I made 2 seconds ago. Fuck!

8. Friend Group (+9) – Sam and I saw this one differently and I laugh almost every time at Stuart and his predicament. Buying 200 friends and that’s how they treat you! Plus the opening story about Jenna and her mom is so off based it’s hilarious. “I wanna be Mike!” Stuart putting the burger in his pocket and pushing the fries aside is great. The red head and the noises behind when Tim looks at him are a riot. Aside from the fart at the end, this one is near perfect.

Best Line: “Come here right now, Stuart!

7. Randall & the Volcano (-4) – Randall’s face when he looks at the pen that he thinks is a little knife is on another level. Then he does it again with the pimp which is even funnier. When he’s stuck trying to think of what he’s seeing, and comes up with bloody cock (I think this could have been better), it’s still funny. The girl is a perfect fit for Randall and the old man who tells him to shut up is rich. This was one ending that I liked.

Best Line: “I see the world wildly and in wild ways.

Tier 1: Top Tier

6. Egg Game (-5) – I like this skit a lot but there isn’t enough thematic value in it for me to put it at #1. The double take at the woman as she’s watching the egg is one of my favorite parts in the entire show. The game itself is the best the first time you watch it, but it will eventually lose its luster. The continuing escalation of him moving the mouse, the “I’ve never got this far” surprises, the way the game actually plays when he says, “oh it’s working now”, and then the porn comment at the end are all tremendous comedic value.

Best Line: “Porn, that’s a nude egg I won from my game. I’m not in trouble at all.”

5. Kids (+1) – Is “Tower of Money” real is my one big question. I also like when he fake punches Schwartzman and goes, “hey!”. The entire back story with Godzilla the Gorilla and how Tim treats the dog while apologizing at the end is wonderful. For some reason when Jason Schwartzman is talking to the guy who “could square up” makes me smile. The guys following Tim do a wonderful job of providing a supporting role with, “is this something” and the birthday age/ guessing scene. Tim is great the entire sketch so I do like this one a lot.

Best Line: “Is there anything more interesting about you than talking about your kids?

Funniest Line: “We’re all getting drinks…by ourself.”

4. Shirt Brothers (+1)Shirt Brother, you gotta help me, I’m in deep fucking trouble, come on Shirt Brother. Biff Wiff redeems himself from Detective Crashmore with a funny performance. The idea that the song triggers his irrational behavior is clever. His lines are said with a uniqueness that make the sketch funny. The girls solo at the end is still so unclear with the words she says that it’s laughable. I like the no rules concept as well. The no rules song is catchy to boot.

Best Line: “God, I love that fucking song. I just don’t know if it’s true.

3. Studio Audience (+12) – Sam and myself disagree on this one the most. This is one of the funniest sketches with an homage to the way Sloppy Steaks was done with the past montage. I could write a lot so I’ll keep it short. When Tim laughs the 2nd time into the mic, that’s gold. Then the producer outs Tim with a hilarious question that he had to respond to with, “also Avani suits.” I love the way Tim answers the guy’s question “what do you mean they had an area you couldn’t go in?” The guy who says, “it exploded because you bent your wrist” should win an Oscar. Then they hit the flashback and a great song aligns perfectly with the line, “waiting on a moment…is this it” and the watch explodes on cue. It’s amazing. His face in real time when he’s remember the watch exploding is 10/10. I enjoyed this one very much.

Best Line: Bent wrist, thing fucking exploded.

2. Summer Love & Summer Love Farewell – This and the egg game would be the two sketches I’d point people to who have never seen the show. Ronnie’s gung ho attitude towards the zip line, and what’s waiting for him at home (I don’t know)…fit perfectly. Ragging on the other summer lovers fit nicely and Mike from Adventure 365 was perfect saying, “he’ was’s too excited”. Saying her face looked like a clock and when he said “good” to how he thought his connection was side splitting. I can’t understand why he uses the “you sure” at the very end but besides that, flawless. For the Farewell, when the guitar aligns with the leg kicking is a nice touch.

Best Line:I do like that you can drop in the pool, but I’m just trying to remember.

2nd Best Line:Well, that’s what I believe.”

3rd Best Line:I just want to be here. I love you.”

1. Driving Crooner (+9) – One of mine and Sam’s biggest differences and I’ll do my best to sway the opinion. The broadway music cue is hilarious once you know it’s the Driving Crooner, which you don’t the first time through. Him waving out the window and puffing the cigar has to make anyone question what’s going on. James does a great job keeping the what’s going on vibe. The “trying to make it look fake” is an amazing problem for the driving crooner as he keeps trying to make money on it because it’s simply too good. Another obvious problem for the crooner is people trying to steal the decals which is just laugh fucking out loud funny. The idea that people hate the driving crooner is wonderful and the frat boys are kind of a funny interaction. Clearly the conclusion of a fish bumping him out of the water is amazing. What a skit.

Best Line:When I was a kid, I fell into a river, and a fish bumped me out of the water. I was supposed to die and a fish bumped me out with its nose. That was the Earth telling me I was supposed to do something great. I know that’s the driving crooner. It has to be. You know what I mean, James. I’m so sick of this!