When I watched Season 3 for the first time, I thought it sucked. Flat out. I even told myself “these things take time, they’ll grow on you“, but I felt like this season was different in how bad it was.

After hours of watching, I’ve come to the conclusion that although it may end up being my least favorite season, it’s pretty much equal to the first two. There’s plenty of good material and great quotes that will come from this along with horribly unfunny skits as well.

These rankings may change, but after a week to digest, here’s what feels right.

For those who have watched, please comment your thoughts!

Tier 3: Bottom of the Barrel

26. Street Sets

Brutal. Just brutal. Hard to get through. The idea isn’t funny. The video isn’t funny. The dad isn’t funny. Nothing is funny. The only reason this isn’t the main picture for this tier is because I couldn’t find any pictures of it on Google. That’s how bad it is.

25. Wedding Photo

Hard to say why some hit and some miss, but similar to the above, when it’s not Tim (Robinson) freaking out, it just doesn’t work. “YOU STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!” makes me cringe. Not a funny idea and an even less funny execution.

24. Dirty Songs

“The dog’s dinner is his cum” is the only thing worth watching, but beyond that, not funny.

23. Proposal Park

Me and this guy just aren’t on the same page. This humor, whatever it is, does not do it for me. And that’s okay. But I can barely tolerate this skit.

22. Surprise Party

I don’t hate this one. The acting of the guy and the girl are actually pretty good. But there’s just not much to laugh at here. How can a skit be so long and have such little to laugh at in this show? I do like the song though.

21. Metaloid Maniac

Another miss by our friend. The animation is mildly entertaining at least.

20. Gelutol

The acting of the bald guy just sucks. It’s not funny him constantly asking “what were you talking about?!“. And Tim doesn’t have it in this one either. The whole thing is trying too hard.

19. Pony Tail Car

Original but unfunny idea with the main laugh being the selfie and the word “butthole“. They try to curse their way into laughs and it doesn’t work. Too cringey. I imagine some people will rank this super high.

Tier 2: Welcome Additions

18. VR Shopping Spree

The Karl Havoc of this season – Amazing idea, terrible execution. He screams like Nicolas Cage in The Wicker Man. The VR concept is completely untapped, so much potential here, but this isn’t it.

17. Friend Group

Stuart has some good lines, but Tim’s character doesn’t do it for me in this one. Other than saying the red head has no friends, there’s not much going on. The fart is not funny.

16. Darmine Doggy Door

Flipping the wife at the wedding is by far the funniest line in this one. Aside from that, it’s okay. I can see how some people would really like this one, but this is not peak Tim. And the pig creature… just… no.

15. Studio Audience

Feels like a repetitive idea wrapped in different packaging, though the clip showing what happened on the date was solid. Too long. “150 springs hit her in the face!“. I wish the animation for the springs hitting her was better.

14. Pay it Forward

The food order is an obvious loler and it’s clever, but (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) it’s just too over the top. I don’t get the rich guy thing and the end of “Oh, I can just run!” completely misses.

13. Dog Hair Dating

The date itself is good not great, but the cut sequence to Tim matching on the app, Cranston, and the haircut is fantastic.

12. Banana Breath

A feel good skit. “I’m putting you down bitch” is the classic line and it doesn’t have any of the usual suspects. This lady is also one of a kind in the looks department.

11. Jelly Bean

A creative idea. The yelling is a bit too much at times and I would’ve made the money counter be like $5000 on one of them, but I would 100% book this show for a bachelor Party.

10. Driving Crooner

Some people will love this one. “It’s simply tooooo gooood!” they’ll say! I can see this one rising as time goes on and there are some great lines, but there are some big misses too. Credit for taking a swing.

9. Frankenstein’s Chick

I would guess most people don’t have this very high, and from my first watch this would’ve been near the bottom, but it’s vaulted up. The Frankenstein’s Chick video absolutely kills me. The second half drags a bit, but the first half is good enough to get it this high.

8. Team Building

I thought this sucked at first, but it’s grown on me. Pretty much just Tim being Tim with everything up to the big guy breaking down being funny. It loses me a little with that ending.

Tier 1: They Still Got It!

7. ABX Heart Monitor

Every dance at Club Aqua is lol-worthy. Tim’s “maybe” to the doc is great. It doesn’t make me crack up the way the others do, but I just sort of enjoy watching it. The face he makes when the deck collapses is really good. How is that Tim Heidecker?

6. Talk About My Kid

A great story arc with the 2nd half being better. “I’ll think of it, I’ll think of it“. The funniest part is Tim saying “good, happy birthday“, then the face he makes following that. It’s too long and drags a little to start, but super quotable.

5. Shirt Brothers

The old guy steals the show in the classroom with countless good lines. “Shirt brother” doesn’t get old. The skit is too long but this is great redemption for Detective Crashmore whose skits sucked last season. Plus another great original song.

4. Barley Tonight

A strong start to the season and a perfect character for Tim to play. There’s no singular high moment, but this is just a continuous flow of high quality content. Feels like the Mitch Bryant of Season 3.

3. Randall & the Volcano

I imagine this will be my outlier. This season’s equivalent to pink bag or Bozo. Tim goes HEAVY on the faces, but he nails them. Pimp seemed stupid at first but gets funnier each time. “It’s like a fuckin’!!!” is hilarious but I feel like there could be a better line than “bloody cock!“. Top it off with the eye roll then his face going crazy at the end and this one will go down as a tier 1.

2. Summer Love & Summer Love Farewell

A great idea and an instant classic. The visuals of him on the zip line are 10/10, particularly the twist at the end. His commentary about the other contestants is hilarious. I didn’t like the “…said your face looks like a clock” at first but it gets funnier each time. As the months and years go on, this will become one of the iconic images of this show.

1. Egg Game

I knew it the second I saw it. #1. Others may not agree, but god damn, this encapsulates everything I’m looking for. I was immediately dying at the game and animation. So many quotes, “True, true” and “You’re a rock star!” are so good. “That one egg was 40 eggs?!” with the finishing blow of the egg having a bush and the butthole. I mean, just a hilarious idea with perfect execution.