I finished a book called Essex Dogs by Dan Jones. It was one of Anthony Jeselnik’s top 10 books of 2023. I’m not a huge fan of Anthony Jeselnik, and you’d be correct in asking why I’m following his opinion. Why not listen to Stephen King or J.K Rowling? Why some comedian who’s only claim to fame is being a mediocre roaster. Life doesn’t make sense sometimes, but some force told me to check out his list and this was the book I picked.

The book is about the Hundred Year war set in the 1300’s from the English side’s purview. It details war life. It’s clear to me I would have died early in those days. I’m sitting here with what feels like frostbite on my fingers from not even being exposed to direct freezing temperatures. It hurts to type. If I can’t handle mild frostbite, how would I do walking without shoes for 25 miles? What about getting an arrow to the shoulder? My strategy would be playing dead.

What’s also comical is I started another book from his list called Chain Gang All Stars and it’s a Hunger Games knock off. I’m also almost done LouderMilk which I thought was decent. Fargo just ended too which was solid up until the last episode. Anyone know any other worthwhile books or shows that entertain?