You never will.

I’m going to run through a number of current events that are extremely complicated, have millions of variables, and drawing conclusions is challenging. The main idea is to expose double standards and to present what is important to me. I understand some people who read this will disagree with me and that’s ok. I’m allowed to think for myself the same way you are. This is why the “ministry of truth” Disinformation Gov’t Board got shut down immediately which as least shows some logic in our world. CNN

Covid 19 – The Vaccine Didn’t Work

The CDC now says unvaccinated people are no different than vaccinated. Is it fair to say that people who have been exposed to Covid have a stronger immunity than any vaccinated person?

CDC rep Massetti, “Both prior infection and vaccination confer some protection against severe illness,” “And so it really makes the most sense to not differentiate with our guidance or our recommendations based on vaccination status at this time.” Reuters

The highest USA Covid death month to date is Jan 2021, when 98,002 people died. Coincidentally this is also the month Joe Biden was inaugurated and Donald was kicked to the curb. Was Covid politically motivated? Possibly. Is Covid real? Yes. Should we all still be wearing masks and getting more jabs? No. If you’re still living your life in fear of this virus, that’s up to you, but the rest of us are moving on. A final take, people like this are ruining, not helping, the world.

Student Debt Forgiveness

College is a predatory system being sold to 18 year old’s who don’t understand the macro financial system. There are a few ways to get to college 1) Your parents pay 2) You get a scholarship 3) You take loans. If you use 1 & 2, you’ll automatically be ahead of the game. If you have to pay your way, you will need a job. In order to make an extra 20k a year net, you have to be earning 80k+ a year ($40/hour). Most students won’t make $20 an hour. Yet, the idea that you’ll make more money down the road if you have a degree is alluring. Borrow now, worry about paying later. What’s the problem?

Well, at 18, you’re making a life altering decision whether you understand it or not. If you undertake 100k of debt for a degree, that degree should earn you serious money. A college will take your money and sell you a degree in liberal arts with no concern whether you can get a job or not. This goes back to who is at fault? The college, for giving you the choice knowing that it’s not a great decision, or you, for making the choice. I lean to the latter but do not absolve the former of fault.

I find the decision to eliminate 10k of student debt a nice gesture as long as it’s understood the wealthy are paying for this to happen. Keep asking the question, who is paying for this? The Gov’t? Taxes are paying for it. Your taxes! Listen to this absurd answer.

Ben Shapiro

I agree with Ben Shapiro 90% of the time. This fast thinking, quick talking, encyclopedia of knowledge would be the last person I’d want to debate. I’m not sure people don’t like him as much as they fear dealing with him. If you read my post about not getting into it with Dave Portnoy because he fights low, getting into it with Ben is dealing with a wizard of knowledge who uses facts to win.

An entertaining story recently was a left Podcast had a hilarious response to Ben Shapiro when he was in their “presence” at a trade show. These are the people who stand for inclusivity! Don’t people see the irony in how moronic these left snowflakes are?

In other current events, UPROXX produced a story that said Ben Shapiro owed 20k of student debt and they mistakenly had a relator named Ben Shapiro instead of the right winger. They also made reference to the “Daily Caller” using PPP funds when Ben’s company is the “Daily Wire”. Attacking Ben with incorrect info is suicide. This is journalism today though. They pander to their audience and the audience eats it up. I’m sure. When Ben’s retaliation is to sue, I have a feeling UPROXX may take a bit more time in their fact checking.

Libs of Tik Tok

Libs of TikTok is one of the finer Twitter accounts because it’s a mirror. The account run, by Chaya Raichik, shows video of other accounts and the maniacs behind them. Now a veteran at producing damning video, and watching the results, here is how Chaya describes responses.

Sadly, I can predict how the media will respond to this report. Instead of being outraged by the irreversible damage being done to confused children who are too young to vote or drink, they’ll be outraged that I’ve shed light on the problem.

Here is a story of a hospital call confirming they do hysterectomies on young children.

The further hilarious action of the story is that the hospital removed the part of their website that says they offer hysterectomies to minors claiming a “design flaw”. If that’s not admission to guilt, I don’t know what is. These are stories the general public doesn’t see nor care about much. I see this as the “far left” ideology overstepping boundaries.

Teach the Youth Pole Dancing!

This is also comical that it’s ok to teach pole dancing at pride festivals. This festival looks like a strip club. Here is an example where I’m all for people being themselves, but they are indoctrinating youth with the wrong principles. At 18, you can decide if you want to go to a strip club. At 8, you don’t need to learn how to pole dance by strippers. This line is being crossed and it’s odd the parents of these children have no problem with it. I ask myself am I too conservative with my values or are liberals going to far?