I’ve been working 24/7 on this stupid I Think You Should Leave post that ranks every sketch and it’s taking for-fucking-ever to finish (I’m taking it seriously, not just ranking things willy-nilly). So in the meantime, my posting has been lacking. But here’s a filler post!

I Bought a Car!

You could say this should be a post in and of itself. It’s a 2018 white Mazda3, 34,000 miles. I’ve barely driven it but it fucks. Thanks to all the posters who commented on my June post, it only took me four months to pull the trigger.

I Signed Up for the Rothman 8k!

First race in over two years. My Strava is lit so if you’re curious, you can see my training there. It’s nothing impressive, but I’m sustaining about 30 miles a week for the last month which is bonkers to me. I haven’t done anything fast, but if I can run something like… 28:30? At Rothman, and continue training the way I have been then I’d be happy with the progress. Jeff is also running it, and this will be our formal race. A post on that to come.

That’s pretty much it. Get ready for the I Think You Should Leave Post. I’m anticipating a LOT of comments.