One main problem with current life is that Big Tech (Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter) is moving faster than the government. If you aren’t of the mind set that Big Tech gathers all the user data available and uses it to its advantage, you’re a dope. You see what they want you to see. You buy what they want you to buy. You are what they want you to be (or what you think you want to be…I’m not sure its that much different). They influence your life more than you think and their motives are not sincere.

So when I read that Facebook is limiting speech that incites violence on their platform, my ears perk up. People aren’t understanding the consequences of limiting speech because it violates their “terms of service.” Once Big Tech starts doing what it wants to do, there is a major power shift. As much as the far left Big Tech hates to admit, there were still 70 million people who voted for a different means of governing. This is where we are heading.

Who Is L.A.W?

The only reason they have power is because we use their products. So I want to throw an idea around that I’m sure wouldn’t be popular but it would bypass what these companies are trying to do already, which is, maintain their power. Since Government is no longer in charge of Big Tech, we have to vote someone higher.

Vote L.A.W For Supreme Ruler

Lessons Are Worldly is the acronym. L.A.W is an AI that becomes the ruling leader. L.A.W is designed with a neural net so it makes its own decisions. In the same capacity that Google’s AlphaZero became the greatest chess player in 4 hours of learning, this neural network would be used to learn humans. Here is how I see L.A.W working.

  • L.A.W has the data on every human being. It knows your salary, your criminal record, your search history, and every bit of minutiae that you hardly know about yourself. If you don’t think this is already occurring you’re once again a dope. It then registers you with a score and that’s the score that it constantly uses for its decision making.
  • This score determines your freedom. If you have a high score, there are no limits to what you can achieve in society. If you have a low score, your privilege’s are limited. It’s probably not that atypical from the system today except for one major difference.
  • L.A.W doesn’t fuck around. If L.A.W thinks you should be executed because it knows what’s going on behind the scenes, there isn’t any arguing. Let’s see how many people start plotting on the Capitol with L.A.W at the helm.

Is what I described Orwellian? Most likely. I haven’t read 1984 in a decade but I can guess that it’s similar except people are in charge instead of a computer. The sad part is that this is the direction we are headed.

Google’s algorithm used to be thought of as helpful. Now it’s self serving. Google can influence whatever it wants with some button pushes and what comes up in your search. If Amazon doesn’t want to sell your products…It shows their products. If Apple doesn’t want you to go outside their network, they’ll halt all 3rd parties. If you take away the businesses from making the decisions and put it in the hands of the world’s most powerful AI, people will change. Will it be for the better? I don’t trust humans anymore and I think a computer would do a better job. It would have my vote. Things could get dicey if it rules to create mass extinction, but hey, at least we would know where we stand.