Technically they could be Fentanyl needles. I’m not an expert. These were found today outside of our building near a porta potty where the derelicts shoot up. People from the outside wonder how bad is Philadelphia? Does the media only show the worst of the worst? Shootings only happen in the rough neighborhoods? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s everywhere. This urban area is not far off from Mad Max settings and our wonderful police chief just said this. This is because you let them.

Police Recruitment

Maybe those in desperate need of a job will jump at joining the police, but I have to imagine that morale is incredibly low, the danger of the job is incredibly high, and this pay only partly helps. At least it’s addressing that lack of force is a problem. I have to wonder if the penal system is equipped to handle the influx of criminals if they do start prosecuting them with penalties severe enough to make a difference.

At least we’re past the days of defund the police. Here’s San Francisco’s response (the nation’s 2nd biggest shithole next to Portland, although I sense Chicago, Philly, and New York aren’t far off).

What Went Wrong?

The liberal mentality lives in a fantasy world. I believe in conservative values because that’s what is instilled in me. It may not be progressive with regards to we’re all equal and communism. It may not welcome you to be whatever gender you want to be. It won’t remove woman’s sports and replace it with transgender sports. It won’t turn the cities in shit holes and will punish those who don’t follow the rules. It doesn’t allow looting merchandise over right and wrong.

Hard work and the golden rule is paramount to a healthy society

What Needs to be Done?

Pointing out problems with no solutions is only half the battle. The solution is far bigger (and easier), it’s personal responsibility. Until that message gets drilled home into people to inspire them to be better, nothing will change. If your outlook is that the world is bleak, and have no hope, what stops you from creating havoc? If the mentality is if I have 10 children, and the government will offer me more money, and that’s more desirable than working, why not? Who cares who has to raise them? This is what the government offers. In exchange for you voting for them, they will ruin the system by taking the hard working tax payers and giving it to others who game the system. What then happens, as perfectly illustrated in Atlas Shrugged, is the producers leave. They get tired of the shitty system created by the shitty government and do it themselves. This is nearly impossible to achieve in the modern world because we are so interconnected, but, this is currently the best solution to this problem. Create another society without the people who are gaming it. Essentially, leave the government to fend without the people who produce. See how well it does and then you can “drain the swamp” and restart. I’m not a Trump voter, but I’ll take that over indoctrinating children to produce a nation of confused youth. The idea that most liberals can’t even watch the documentary “What is a Woman” is all you need to know about the state of society. I purposely mixed the larger picture with the indoctrination of the youth to show how easy it is to misdirect. This misdirection is what the government and media are experts at. I feel like an old crotchety man, but it’s bad shirt brother. There are no rules! Tell me you’ll never follow another rule again.