I dislike the word “things” because everything can be a thing. You want to be descriptive when you’re describing objects so things is usually the last word to use. As such, it’s the best word for what I’m about to describe. I could have used stuff, parts, elements…but for this post, it’s things.

The Low Riding Sock – The frustration of the sock that dips below the heel is immense. The first part of this is that you’re out of the house. You don’t know this is going to happen unless you take many steps and only maniacs wear their shoes in the house. The poor elastic sock only shows itself when it’s too late to change. This mental game by the sock is diabolical. Combine this with the uncomfortable feeling that your bare foot is touching your gross shoe and it’s the first on the list. 9/10

The Short Jean – Similar to the sock, but not quite as unbearable. The jeans that used to fit perfect, but have been washed too many times, and now show 2 inches of your ankle is the short jean. Will the majority of humanity notice this fashion faux pas? Probably not, but it’s awful because there is a constant reminder to pull your jeans down a bit lower on your waist. Plus, you feel like an idiot. You can’t afford clothes that fit properly? But they used to! Stop being a hobo and give them to goodwill and get new ones.

Panhandlers – On my drive this morning to the grocery store, I encountered 4 panhandlers and a gas scam. Not to mention that they are panhandling in Northern Liberties and Old City. This city is a shit hole. I write that tongue in cheek, because I live here, but there is clearly a problem that the city turns a blind eye to. The first question I ask myself is do I have sympathy for these people? Let’s remember this number is probably in the thousands. I’m sorry that their lives have gotten to this point but my general malaise is that poor decisions have gotten them to where they are. Is it up to the people to support them? Are they trying to get their lives back together? Is the system broken? If you were to help everyone who asks you for money, you could give out hundreds of dollars a day for the amount of people you run into. I’m sorry to say but I’ve taken the stance of not helping out any panhandlers. I’m curious if anyone thinks otherwise.

1 Day!?!

This post came to me in the past 1 hour I’ve been awake. All of these happened to me today. Before 8am. When the wardrobe malfunctions occur, I blame myself because I should never let it get to that point. The clothes should be discarded or donated. The panhandlers is worse than ever and this doesn’t even address the drug problems in areas such as Kensington. The people in charge should be removed immediately. Hopefully your day gets better than mine started. I have a feeling mine with finish with a flourish and a Sixers W. Happy mother’s day.