It’s Time to Build a Tremendous Wall

January 10, 2019


It’s Time to Build a Tremendous Wall

I watched politics tonight. Normally, I don’t like to. A bunch of phonies spouting off about ideas that may or may not work as they sit in Washington cashing fat pay checks and pretending to work hard. Laws, regulations, checks and balances are all in place to make sure we don’t, inevitably, self implode. Tonight, though, I watched politics. 

You guessed it, I watched Hannity interviewing Trump about the Wall. My first note is that Trump likes the word “tremendous”. During the interview he does a lot of talking without saying much. “Illegals killing innocent people. 90% of heroin crosses this border. We need a steel, or concrete, wall. Manufactured crises” 

It’s simple to complain.  Here’s an article from CNN in 2014 literally using the term “creating a crisis” about the exact situation they are now saying is a “manufactured crises”. 

Daniel’s journey: How thousands of children are creating a crisis in America

Let’s agree that there is some problem at the borders with illegal immigrants. Does building a 2000 mile wall solve that? It seems like the answer is yes. If there is a giant wall built 15 feet high, unless these immigrants are traveling with a ladder or a hook and repel system, I don’t know how they will enter. Will that solve a problem? 

Why does no one address solving the problem in Mexico and further south? How about people try to turn their wasteland of crime and violence into a respectable society? Then you won’t need the wall. If we spent 21 billion dollars to fix up Mexico, how much would that help the situation at the United States border?

Fundamentally, spending 21 billion dollars to build a wall sounds like a waste of money. However, I’m sure that the government wastes billions of dollars a day on other who knows what. If the wall allows thousands of personnel not have to work, I’m sure that will pay for itself over time. It also would create thousands of jobs during construction, and then lose thousands of jobs after creation. It doesn’t seem like it’s a financial issue. 

Morally, it’s an issue from a humanitarian side. Treating human beings like they aren’t human beings is unfair. It’s not their fault that their country is corrupt and they have no where to live safely. Turning away people, when your nation is built on immigration, is wrong. It doesn’t matter if these people are convicts, killers, or harmful to society, we should allow them to make efforts to enter our country illegally full knowing that there is a legal process to this situation.  

This GoFundMe page for the wall has raised 20 million. That’s donations by 335,000 people when 60 million voted for Trump. The money can get raised by my estimation. I wonder if this war veteran got his smoking hot wife before or after the war as I sit here with my full appendages typing about the wall?

Am I for a wall? Until I spend a day as a US border patrol agent to get an idea, how can I have an opinion? That’s how I feel the majority of the politicians who are so opposed to it are only opposed to it because they want Donald to fail. Should countries have borders? Absolutely. Should anyone be able to enter your country? Not illegally. People with no identity only create problems. Will a wall solve this problem? How the fuck do I know? And you don’t either. So don’t act like you do.

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  1. Paul W

    I think we can look at other modern examples. The Russians built a wall in Berlin and had armed guards with orders to shoot to kill. Did it stop people? Some yes, many found ways around it. One person who worked at the shop had his baby shot out of his arms trying to cross to the west. Parents will try anything for a better life for their kids. The point is, like jurassic park, life will find a way, especially for something simple like a wall. We live in an age where reading your license plate from space is not a new technology. One of my friends has helped build similar tech for the military for various similar reasons. I think it’s clear, there are better ways to track and stop people coming to the US if that’s what you want. At this point, it’s a political power play being used by both sides, created so poorly by Trump that he didn’t leave himself a way out. However, shutdowns two years away from the next election won’t really hurt either side. If he REALLY cared about the wall, he would have pushed it when he held both sides of the House and not when his position was weakened after getting stomped last election.

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