JC, my dad, still comes into work from time to time to break up his week. He asked if we’ve been following the Phillies and said they’ve been playing great. I don’t routinely watch baseball, but decided to watch the game last night, and saw they were down 2-0 in the 5th. I thought to myself, why not take the ML and see if the Phillies can stay hot. If you watched the game last night, you’d know that they played amazing down the stretch and eked out a win against one of the best pitchers in baseball. I only had $20 to win $84 on the bet, but I’ll never complain about a 3x’er. If JC hadn’t made that comment earlier in the day, there is a 0% chance I would have bet on the Phillies like I did. Fate?

Baseball is my most profitable sport that I bet on as I’m up about $1,700 over the 4 year tracking period. Amazingly, this is the sport I like least, and the sports I like most, football and golf, garner my most losses, about 7k. How is it possible that the sport I know the least about, I’m the best at betting? One obvious answer is I don’t bet it that often so I’m luckier over the smaller sample size. I make the most bets on the sport I like watching which equates to have 0% chance over the long run of winning. I’m also not emotionally attached to baseball whereas I get glued on certain individuals or teams where it doesn’t matter if it’s a good bet or not, I’m going to make it. Aside from all this cockamamie reasoning, the best answer is that I just need to listen to JC. He’s been out of the game so long that he’s storing good karma. He’ll never forget is massive bet on the Broncos/Niners Superbowl, end score 55-10, that took him years to pay off. Yet for this one day, he helped his son win $60 bucks. Chalk one up for the good guys.