If you’ve already signed up for your 4th booster shot, you won’t like this post. It will go against principles and life ideas you’ve already decided and don’t want to hear opposition about. Newsworthy though was Dr. Robert Malone was banned from Twitter a few days ago and his interview with Joe Rogan has been labeled Anti-Vaxxer propaganda by big tech. Whether you’ll consider that Joe Rogan’s audience is one of the largest in media, and Dr. Robert Malone (he’s vaccinated) invented 9 original MRNA vaccine patents, that’s up to you whether the info in this post may be truthful. Here’s the full transcript.

Be Skeptical of the Money Trail

Here are some bullet points from the interview.

  • No discussion of the vaccine risks are allowed, because it will illicit vaccine hesitancy, and is being actively blocked.
  • Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are effective against Covid.
  • If you have natural immunity, you have higher likelihood of adverse effects from the jab.
  • Lockdowns will cause more harm then help. Great Barrington Declaration
  • FDA didn’t force Pharma to do their job on the vaccine. They didn’t employ the standard requirements for testing and verification.
  • Pfizer is the most corrupt pharmaceutical company of all time and that’s fact. Look at their past cases. $10 billlion in fines.
  • Data is being manipulated in the trials.
  • Does the vaccine cause toxicity in people…it does.
  • High glucose levels are more susceptible to the effects of the vaccine.
  • The people that aren’t well trained in dispensing the vaccines will use it and abuse it…4 shots and counting.
  • More jabs further skews your immune response.
  • We are all going to get infected.
  • Government is disregarding ethics with the mandate of an experimental vaccines and it goes against the Nuremburg Code and Belmont Report.
  • The government is amplifying their fear porn to create a mandatory state of emergency for political reasons. It’s either incompetence of maleficence.
  • 1/3 of the population is hypnotized. “Whatever they say is right” “This is how you should think”.
  • Mass Formation Psychosis
  • “Join Our Club” – People in the tribe don’t want to think at all
  • Malone’s 2 biggest missions – 1) Stopping children from getting jabbed 2) Restoring the erosion of free speech
  • There is psychological damage being done to children, rising drug use in teens, IQ points dropping
  • It’s extremely dangerous to speak truth to power

The Trusted News Initiative

All the players are linked to the BBC created Trusted News Initiative. The signers of the agreement include AFP, CBC/Radio Canada, Financial Times, First Draft, Washington Post, NY Times, Deutsche Press, Agence France Presse, Facebook, Google/YouTube, Microsoft, Twitter, the Associated Press and Reuters – essentially the source for all news seen in the press and mainstream and social media in the US.

The Trusted News Initiative partners will continue to work together to ensure legitimate concerns about future vaccinations are heard whilst harmful disinformation myths are stopped in their tracks.”— Tim Davie, Director-General

Here is what Malone says about the TNI:

…so if CDC says the world is flat, then the world is flat, and there will be no discussion about whether or not the world is flat…so whatever the CDC or Tony Fauci or Tedros Ghebreyesus etc. says is truth by definition. And any information or discussion which is contrary to that truth will be suppressed and it will be deleted. Those people that are expressing these opinions that would lead to vaccine hesitancy, which to some eyes would be informed consent…and those people that are spreading that information will not be allowed to interact in the public sphere in social media …that’s unpacking this whole thing, it starts by understanding The Trusted News Initiative.

What Am I Supposed to Think Again?

If you’re too stubborn to watch the interview, you are within your right. Rogan is a right winger and Malone is currently being ostracized from medicine. What I would argue though is that there is a big difference between listening to both sides, and deciding what is best for you, instead of agreeing to a mandate unquestioned. Agreeing without listening is stupidity. People will tell you that hospitals are short staffed, people are dying from Covid, and cases are at an all time high. This is the fear porn that Malone says keeps the people in check. I’m not qualified enough to dispute any of the above issues or what Dr. Malone spent 3 hours discussing. All I know is that it feels like the powerful people involved have conflicting interests and no one is clear on who the victims will be. I’m guessing this woman and her love for shots to children.