I’m back bitches!

After sulking for the last six months saying “I’m not going to log my runs because my Achilles hurts“, I’ve finally caved and made a Strava. Follow me for great content (I’ll follow you back!)!

I tried to embed this but it wasn’t working.

The real reasons for starting this are:

  • I don’t want buy a new composition book to log my runs
  • I’m thinking about getting more serious about training
  • I got new shoes today
  • I ran kind of fast today and had to create this after a good run not a slow run

Training has actually been going well. I just do 20 miles a week and run fast on weekends. I’d guess I’m in the same shape I’m always in when I say ‘I’m in good not great’ shape which is a 17:00 5k give or take.

My Achilles is holding up without much trouble at this point. Can I get up to 40-50 MPW and still be okay? Is there a fast mile / 5k / Half / Full on the horizon? It’s hard to say. If I can stay healthy I would say yes. As long as I stay in ‘good’ shape, I’m always within striking distance of great shape.

In the meantime, follow me on Strava and give me tips on how to make my profile better.