Should the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to remove all gender-based reference?

Fix the City!

This is a perfect example of how to waste time accomplishing nothing. How many hours were spent arguing over the proposed change to the Home Rule Charter? I bet it was hundreds of hours and it involved hundreds of people costing the city millions of dollars. It boils down whether the mayor can be a female. I’m sure the next amendment will take it a step further to include more genders as they are being discovered, but as such, no one cares! There has already been a black President and a female candidate nearly won the Presidency. Everyone is cool if the mayor isn’t only a him. Just think of the time wasting that’s in store if this is where they at!

Spend the time on important objectives like cleaning up Kensington or figuring out why the city has thousands of pan handlers. Giving these people money is like burning it in a fire pit. Tackle priority issues and not bullshit.