Tiger & Charlie

Tiger is growing into more of a father figure to Charlie than a golfer nowadays. If I had to guess how many wins Charlie will have it’s 83. Tiger isn’t going to win again with that injury. I would never count him out, but I don’t see how he can compete with top talent. Charlie on the other hand, this kid is going to be out of this world and you can tell by the way they enter this building together. It’s like having a Tiger x2, except he’s 15, and keenly aware of expectations and his abilities. It’s unfair to put that pressure on a kid, but I have a feeling he’ll embrace it. Where are the futures on this kid!

Mr. Beast on YouTube

I found this clip on MrBeast analyzing YouTube videos and what it takes to be internet famous by appealing to the Youtube algorithm. I specifically found the paying attention to brightness levels of the thumbnail wildly micro. To hear the work he put in should give pause to everyone who says they can’t make it. This is what it takes. Now I could be completely wrong and Mr. Beast is next level talent, but I think he’s known for giving away money to viewers which doesn’t strike me as next level.

Natural Immunity Trumps Vaccine

As the data continues to come out, and the CDC hopes to disappear into the yonder with no more questions asked, this was worth hearing that natural immunity is better than the doses. The mention that the double vax are 27x more likely to get infected than natural immunity is telling. I also liked, “where they get real data.” I know many disagree with this sentiment, but we’re sitting where we are now (untenable inflation, mistrust of authority, civil discourse over masks and choosing a side) because of the way our government reacted to Covid with the allegiance to Big Pharma. To think that there were vaccine mandates will be a black eye for the US in the history books.