When I’m bored I’ll install Tik Tok. This is a guilty pleasure / crippling addiction. Clips kill time and a minute turns into an hour. Once I get my fill, I delete it. During those few days of addiction, I’ve develop a few choice videos that the algorithm picks up on and a few that I can’t stand.

Best Clips

3. 10/10 Girls wearing bikinis / bras that are too small – It’s important to note these aren’t pornstars (well maybe OnlyFans), but since the site doesn’t allow porn, it’s wholesome-ish. With pornstars, you can tell if they’ve been in the game for a long time and it’s more sad than enjoyable. The girls on Tik Tok are fresh and trying to earn followers by being extra provocative to draw attention. This may be the hottest girl I’ve ever seen.

2. Golf Tips – I’m not re-engineering my swing at this point. If I want to make a dramatic shift, I’ll get a lesson. The tips on Tik Tok are usually fast and give you an idea to think about to improve your golf swing. It may be how to hit a fairway wood or how to get out of the bunker. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s enough to give some food for thought which I enjoy. The best short clip below.

1 . Old Music Videos – I get a lot of Freddy Mercury at Live Aid, Depeche Mode with Just Can’t Get Enough, and Alphaville with Forever Young. These type of clips you don’t see anymore and this vintage footage pops up directly in front of you. It’s like a time warp. For some reason, watching what people were like in their time period is fascinating, and when it’s combined with music I like, I will watch it.

My Least Favorite Shorts

3. Pranks – I’ll start by saying I don’t like abusing the unsuspecting to see how they react. This goes against the golden rule, and other than Nathan For You, I rarely find these entertaining. What tends to happen is a guy will disrespect someone by calling them “boy”, the guy gets pissed off and is ready to punch them in the face, and they tell them it’s a prank. Totally absurd and the worst types of videos.

2. Entitled Pricks in Traffic Situation – There are times when civilians are looking to show their power over police. This tends to happen in traffic stops where they have a camera on the cop, the cop is doing their job and trying to go home to their family, and the guy answer questions like, “I don’t have to answer that.” “Am I being detained?” “Can I go?” “I know my rights.” I’m all for civilians and authority being on the same level, but for the love of god why are you doing this for attention? This video is not what I’m describing, but you should still watch it.

1. Public Space Camera Men – If you’ve ever seen clips where a camera man is in a municipal building like a police station or public library, it never goes well. The camera man / Tik Toker has this attitude that they can film whatever they want in common ground. Usually whoever encounters these assholes asks if they have a permit and escalation ensues. It’s stupid on so many levels and the person getting the footage should be fined. I understand why they have the right to film in public spaces that taxpayers built, but it’s taking it too far.


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