Big Wads told me that one of his friends liked the Nuggets to win the championship at 18-1 back in October. I put a C note on it. When Wads gives you a pick, you take it. He won’t like the added pressure I put by calling it out, but that’s what you get when you have a friend with a blog.

Have I considered cashing out? No. I also added another $50 at 4-1 a few weeks ago, so I’m looking at over 2k on the Nuggets cashing in, not out. I’m reminded of the Super Bowl when I could have hedged my Chiefs bet against my own home city, and it would have been a double doozy loss. If I hit this bet, I plan on putting $500 on the Chiefs to repeat (+600). You don’t bet against Patrick Mahomes and imagine if he had 2 ankles in the playoffs. Anyway, I hope the Nuggets make short work of the Heat because I don’t need pressure. If they win both home games, I may put $100 on the Heat for a long odds hedge, but other than that, it’s riding.

I’ve also been on a wild ride hitting 7k in my DK account after hitting the 110-1 shot on Ruoning Yin (LPGA). Since then I’ve dropped about 3k and NEED the Nuggets to rejuvenate the account. My golf tout got cold last week costing me $800 which is about what I’ve been playing weekly on golfers. DKNG gave me my own personal concierge now who helps me lose money faster. I’m up a bit on the stock which I also look at as gambling money so I have that going for me too. Let’s go Jokic!