In one hour, Meghan and I are getting pedicures. I’m excited.

I’ve had one before like 8 years ago with Laura and only remember thinking it was too intense.

I am of the opinion that some men don’t enjoy delicacies like this due to social pressures. It’s ‘girly‘. I’m a renaissance man. I want to experience all that life has to offer. Pedicure is just another notch in my renaissance belt.

That said, my first thought is “what are they going to do?” I feel like I’ll be in and out in 5 minutes. Clip a nail here, file a bunion there, and poof, I’m out. Meghan says it will take longer than that.

We’ll see what I’ve been missing out on. I’ll spare a picture of the before.


Well well well!

Here’s what happened

  • You start by sitting in a massage chair and putting your feet in warm water – These are next level massage chairs. Honestly over the top. I had to turn it off after 5 minutes because there was too much going on.
  • Then they cut and file your nails – This is mildly pleasant, but your nails can be very delicate around the edges. However, these people work with precision, this is not their first time. They are sharp and efficient with this
  • Next, they clean the hell out of your feet with some soap and scrubbers – Enjoyable. Legitimately fun to watch. You’ve never cleaned your feet like this. Using the sand-paper thingy on your callouses on the bottom of your foot is great.
  • Finally they massage your whole foot / lower leg with lotion – The best for last! Just a crushing foot massage that you can barely tolerate the whole time. It was great though. Super thorough. Toes cracked. It was wonderful.
  • Nail Polish? – I opted for clear polish because I didn’t want to say no. It took her all of five seconds to put on. Not sure if there’s a purpose to that or not.

Start to finish was a little over 20 minutes. For $27 plus tip, this is a nice treat for yourself every once in a while. Would I ever go by myself? That’s hard to say, but for toes like these I might have to.