I posted a $750 total win yesterday hitting a $350 wager on the Chiefs, an 11-1, 4 team parlay, and the Mahomes, MVS, Chiefs ML SGP at +900. Unfortunately I posted the Jags on this blog which was a loser, but hopefully you took Etienne and Moore.

The Feels

While I was bowling, the guy who runs the place and I were talking and he commented on the 279 I threw the week before. I said how I don’t aim the ball at any target specifically, I only try to make sure I hit the right side of the head pin. He told me a guy who was watching me when it was going on, a league bowler, said he couldn’t believe that I didn’t even start in the same place every time. I would agree that he’s correct that I’m not overly concerned if I’m off a hair or two. This would go against pro bowlers who legitimately calculate position and hit exact boards when they roll. I’m not that guy.

I bought a range finder a few years ago and it still has the full battery. For one, most of the people I’m with tell me distances, but I’m also not as overly concerned with what the exact yardage is. I like to use rough course markers and how I feel about the shot. For instance, if I look at a shot that I’m told is 140, and my stock PW is 135, do I swing harder or do I go with an easy 9? Is it windy? Am I penalized if I go long? Is it uphill or downhill? How am I hitting the ball on that day? These are all variables that go into a shot and I’m supposed to believe that I’m better knowing if my ranger finder tells me it’s 137 and the app tells me it’s 133? I’m happy if it goes 135 and not pulled into the cabbage to the left.

I’m above average in the aforementioned sports. I averaged 215 through 7 games on Friday. I shot an 82 missing 5 putts from inside 4 ft (I countered this with a chip in and a 20 ft birdie bomb). Would I be better if I nailed down the specifics of the game and fine tuned these areas? Possibly. I also know I’ve tried to hit boards before and it screws me up because I concentrate on that and I’m not focused on following through. If I know it’s supposed to be 117, but it looks to me that it’s closer, do I trust a distance reading or do I go with my gut? As of late, I go with my gut. I’d rather be wrong with my own feel than going with the machine. I know technology is revolutionizing the world, and it’s great to evolved, but I still like that feeling of human ingenuity. It makes you feel alive.

Also, WTF is this. Robots on earth? Or the vaccine?