This fabricated drama between Pres and Alex Stein, with Jason Whitlock intervening, is comical for page views, but both sides are fighting the wrong war. Too much division and not enough unification.

Rule #1 – Don’t take on Pres – It’s not worth it. Alex Stein is trying to boost his political career and satirical influence, but Pres fights dirty, and he’s got millions of fans who will do their best to take you down. Alex Stein gained some popularity speaking at city councils by being outrageous, but he’s not ready for the Stoolies. Big mistake taking on Davey. This is Portnoy’s first jab at Jason Whitlock.

Rule # 2 – Are you galvanized? – Bad news, hardly anyone is. Here’s an Alex Stein whiff. He wants to come at Portnoy because he’s Pro-Choice and enchant the right wingers, but he’s making a mistake. As much as I hold many conservative values, I myself am Pro-Choice and that’s called thinking for yourself. The true morons are the ones who believe in every part of their parties platforms and criticize others who don’t think like them. *I read, but didn’t see, that Portnoy came off soft in an interview with Andrew Tate, but I can’t comment.*

Rule #3 – Pres is self made – Jason Whitlock missed the boat on this. Pres started Barstool over a decade ago brick by brick. He built Barstool from a local newspaper, to a regional city website, to a national brand, to an influencer that sold out to a huge gaming company. If you want to be mad at him for selling out, that’s ok, but he didn’t get here because of his flowing golden hair, he worked his ass off. Now to be totally fair I don’t disagree with Whitlock’s take, but I’m not sure he understands that underneath Pres’s schtick, he’s not a bad guy.

Rule #4 – This is what Pres does – Pres doesn’t lose these dumb internet spats. He stops his life and focuses on defeating the morons who engage him. He can boost your exposure by getting involved and I’m sure there are a few who made it after tussling with him, but in general, he’s going to make you look dumb because he’s dumb. It’s fighting low and this guy stands on his tip toes every picture. You can’t go lower.