Today I spontaneously deactivated my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Doing this was a goal of mine for 2019 – take a break from social media for a week.

It’s hard to define what I think I’ll gain from this, or what I lose from going on social media, but this just felt like the right time to do it. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted, but I’m as addicted as any other 27 year old, and just want a break to see what it’s like.


Easily the one I get the least out of. Everyone has 10 or so friends who post regularly and none of those 10 people are actually my friends at this point in life. When I logged on today I saw two people from my high school got married. I do not care. This one may stay deactivated.


A lot of people just try to make their life look desirable, but some have genuinely cool content. This is easy entertainment, not a must-have, but certainly fun to have. Though scrolling through for 15 minutes before bed is not necessary at all.


Twitter is essential because of sports news. But I also go on seeking out bad takes and fights, mostly related to politics and social issues, just to see. Twitter is a bad representation of actual society. It paints a picture of a country that’s already fallen apart, while in reality I think we’re still in the process of falling apart.

This will be the most difficult to give up, but it’s also the most detrimental of the three (to me at least).

The rest of my time will be spent

I waste probably 1-2 hours a day going through social media. I have to imagine I’ll become a ‘better’ person by doing more of the following instead of going on social media.

  • Playing more chess
  • Playing more guitar
  • Rehabbing my Achilles
  • Getting more sleep
  • Reading

I’ll report back next Monday woke as hell to tell you all to get rid of your social media too.