We just watched 10 Things I Hate About You which I have never seen before.

Here’s a stream-of-conscious list of observations

  • Had no clue JGL was in this! Immediately don’t like his character and would’ve bet his career would never take off based on this performance. Least likeable in the movie.
  • Heath Ledger’s voice is too deep for high school, (he was about ~18 when filmed).
  • Saw Gabrielle Union and said “Who’s that, Candace Owens?“, completely unintentional.
  • The motorcycle crash had me dying laughing.
  • First and only usage of ‘retard‘ came about 15 minutes in.
  • The high school stadium is absurdly large.
  • Average high school party scene.
  • Bianca would not turn for Cameron (just based on my personal experience).
  • Kat flashing the teacher, where the fuck did that come from?
  • Paint ball date was actually a pretty good scene.
  • Live band for prom, impressive!
  • I didn’t care about the money, I cared about you!” lol, bro, then why did you take the money, horrible excuse.
  • Are you serious? I watched for an hour and half for this supposed great poem at the end and THAT was it?? It was like 45 seconds long!! 3/10 poem. Also, what was Patrick’s plan? He hadn’t tried to get her back at all then she reads this shitty poem to him (though her crying was good) and he has this complete change of heart? What happened to the advice he gave Cameron at the party where if she’s worth it, go for it? She wasn’t worth it until she wrote that ass poem?! And the guitar, just like that, he’s got her back. The whole ending was Just lazy. Disappointing.

Overall, 6.5/10. Could’ve been a point or two higher if they nailed the ending but I’m sorry, just left a lame impression.