I don’t usually like Pardon My Take, possibly because I don’t give it a chance, but here is one of the funniest back and forth’s I’ve seen in a while.

I haven’t heard many of their shows and I’m going to give my impression on what I know and have heard. It’s the 80th ranked podcast in all of America on Apple Podcasts. It averages between 750k and 1.5 million listeners an episode.

I watched a few minutes of their Jim Harbaugh & Baker Mayfield interview for research. PMT is damn funny. Big Cat is solid. What steers me in the wrong direction is the length and interest. 40 minutes seems too long for the talent of these individuals. I’m not side splitting throughout it. I’m learning a bit, but it’s mostly points I don’t put much interest into. So even if there are some great moments in the interview, I am not spending 40 minutes for 2 great ones.

So, while I didn’t want this to turn into much of a post, I got sucked down a rabbit hole of Podcasts. While I was looking at the rank of PMT, I saw Call Her Daddy girls had the #10 podcast, which is another Barstool production. This had me YouTubet them, because I’ve never heard of them before, and I found out they said Big Cat had a small dick and Rone a pencil dick.

I understand this appeals to a lot of people considering it’s the #10 podcast, but spending my time listening to random girls talk about random guys penis size is below me. The age demo is always 18-35, but at the peak end of this range, I’m out.

When comparing the Jim Rome bit to this, I’m torn on whether or not I should give this type of content a try. As such, I won’t unless they continue to tighten up the act.

For those who listen to PMT, what am I missing?