I have a bomb Wesley Snipes post in the works so this is filler.

Back when I bought my shower supplies from Sam’s Club, I’d only need 1-2 purchases a year because of the mega sized portions. Great for non-rotting goods. Not great if you need to eat an apple for 25 days straight. Recently, I’m purchasing more reasonably sized, overpriced, hygiene supplies. Since the quantity is less, I need to purchase them more often, and can’t remember how low I am, so I buy them anyway thinking I don’t want to run out. What this does is leaves me with extra bottles of product that I forgot I had. How could this be?

It’s quite simple really. I never want to leave the shower naked if I run out of shampoo hunting. Every shower, which is one at about 6:30am and then again after I exercise in the evening, is a shampoo, conditioner, body, and face wash. When one of them run out WHILE I’m in the shower, it’s like Hiroshima going off in my brain. How could I let that happen? So I have to scurry butt ass naked getting water everywhere seeing if I stored the said product in the vanity. The slip chance when this happens goes up a million %. Do you know how many deaths happen from slippage on bathroom tile? Forget about it. Not to mention all the extraneous water that causes the deadly black mold. This is why I always makes sure I have extra of whatever it is I may run out of be it garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper… Just remember this sage advice next time you’re in the super market wondering if you need shampoo. You probably do.