I suck at golf. I’ve always sucked at golf.

Gourlay also sucks at golf. You might even say he sucks harder than I do. But I’ve been playing since 2014 and he’s only been ‘really‘ playing for like four months.

We’ve played a few rounds at Walnut Lane together and I’ve comfortably won them.

Then Wednesday happened.

After shooting a legit 106 at the Links last week (HARD COURSE), I figured I would nut all over Walnut Lane and that Gourlay would suck.

But that didn’t happen. In fact, the opposite happened. I was duffing, and he wasn’t, and I was losing my mental edge.

After 9 holes Gourlay was up 2 strokes.

After 14 holes Gourlay was up 7 strokes.

Then the heavens opened up and rained out the course so I didn’t have to officially “hold that L” because we didn’t actually finish the round.

We’re playing at a REAL COURSE (JC Melrose) tomorrow. If Gourlay beats me, I think I have to retire from golf forever. It would be like losing to Simoncini in a 5k. Or losing to Rudy in a chugging contest. Or losing to Tony in COD. Or losing to Dave in disc golf. You get the point. It would be over. People are saying this is the new Brookes / Bryson rivalry.

Sam Moneyline: -1000
Gourlay Moneyline: +1000
Sam Spread: -18, -110
Gourlay Spread: +18: -110

Place your bets.

A recap will follow the round on Saturday.