Saving Bansheemann7

March 12, 2019


Saving Bansheemann7

Bansheemann7 is a mess. It didn’t look good while I was updating it and it looks even worse now that I’ve stopped.

I don’t intend to ever post there again, but when an email came to Tom saying Bansheemann7’s life would end within a month unless I paid to keep it alive (something like $100 a year), I felt like I couldn’t lose it.

With more than 1000 shitty posts over ~10 years, it’s probably the single most significant thing I’ve done in my life. Nearly every meaningful college event is documented in there. How could I let Bansheemann7 die?

But when I think about it, I should absolutely let Bansheemann7 die.

With literally hundreds of thousands of words written in there, I would bet my life that some of those would be incriminating against me in some way. In this age, I don’t need anything resurfacing anytime soon for something dumb I wrote or did in college. If I want to be president, of anything, I need to be spotless.

So I’ll keep it alive, but just please don’t look at it.

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