I’ve never watched an episode of Game of Thrones in my life, but I’m ready to hop on board, and I want to watch the last episode. Someone invite me to watch with them, since I don’t have HBO.

Here’s what I know

I don’t actually know what the Iron Throne is. Lke do you literally only need to sit in it to become the leader of Westeros (wtf is Westeros)? Or is there some crowning process? And once you’re crowned, what happens? You rule everything? That I do not understand one bit.

Cersi died. I don’t know her relation to anyone, but people were rooting for her. Or maybe that was Sansa. I mix those two up cause their names sound really similar. One of them was the naked chick who got slut shamed like four seasons ago.

White Walkers and the Night King were a big deal for a while but they’re gone now.

Dany, once a fan favorite, is now pissing everyone off. She’s Jon’s aunt and lover. If one of them wins the throne do they technically win it together? Team Targ!

Arya killed the Night King. She’s on a mission supposedly, but I don’t know what she’s on a mission to do. Is she viable to win the throne? Who’s side is she on?

No one talks about Lieutenant Bran but he’s the betting favorite per Vegas to actually win it, so I just assume he’s actually going to win despite being in a wheel chair.

I want to watch the Red Wedding episode too.

Given my knowledge, I think I’m ready to just finish off the series in one shot. Someone invite me this Sunday.