I love sports betting. When I was in college, I argued that there was not one good reason for having sports betting illegal. If people want to bet, why not let them? It’s our money! Let us bet!

10 years later and everything has changed. Sports betting is now legal and I wish it weren’t. Hearing Fanduel and Draftkings advertisements makes my blood boil. They’re making so much money off the masses that they can afford countless ads offering a million dollars in free bets to every man, woman, or dog who wants to sign up. They are leaches sucking the life blood out of the middle class.

That’s an exaggeration. But they’re clearly making a shitload off of people who wouldn’t typically sports bet but are now betting because of how accessible it is, the millions of ads / offers, and the FOMO that comes with friends betting on a game that you don’t have money on.

The bull is Fanduel

Ironically, I’ve sports bet less in the last 12 months than probably any year since high school. I’ve essentially boycotted sports betting because I hate the idea of empowering Fanduel / Draftkings. I would happily lose a thousand dollars annually to a bookie just for entertainment; but losing it to the big corporations who have taken over and abuse stupid people makes me so upset that I don’t gamble at all anymore.

I don’t recycle in my apartment, I put all plastic in the trash because I don’t have a recycling bin.

I believe in clean oceans, but I saw a stat about the amount of global plastic waste that was contributed by major corporations and it was staggering. It left me hopeless. Every individual in America could recycle 100% and it wouldn’t matter. The companies have to change.

It’s tough to land this plane, but I’m comparing recycling and sports betting. Specifically:

Not Sports Betting = Recycling

Not sports betting makes me feel good about my impact, as does recycling. But it doesn’t make a difference. The big companies will continue to pollute the world whether I recycle or not. Fanduel will keep pwning the common person until they wise up and realize sports betting is a ‘waste’.

The counter argument is that the ‘people’ actually can impact Fanduel by not betting, whereas we cannot impact ExxonMobil quite as directly. But I have a feeling I won’t be able to convince many people to join my boycott.

So, on an individual level, do I enjoy sports betting even if I lose? Yes.

Is this the return of the lock of the week? It just might be. Unless anyone has a good bookie they want to refer me to…