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For the 4th year running, I present the money post. As the data grows, it gives better insight to trends within my financial life. Perhaps it’s all meaningless, but you can compare your money to my money, and feel good about yourself about the money you don’t spend compared to me.

The #’s

Breakfast 2019 – $1,653 | 2020 – $1,508 | 2021 – $1,961 | 2022 – $2110

Lunch 2019 – $2,575 | 2020 – $2,100 | 2021 – $2,779 | 2022 – $3,630

Dinner 2019 – $2,619 | 2020 – $1,047 | 2021 – $1,568 | 2022 – $2,070

Money spent is up in all categories. Thanks inflation. This is coffee and breakfast sandwiches for breakfast, turkey clubs for lunch, and random dinners out that doesn’t include the alcohol portion. What would be the alternative cost to never eating out and saving this 8k? 4k? This to me is not significant enough to make major changes to convenience.

Alcohol 2019 – $8,975 | 2020 – $4,280 | 2021 – $6,673 | 2022 – $8,605

Back to higher #’s with the pandemic over, no surprise. Bars had to raise all their prices to stay in business where higher prices lead to higher tips and more money spent. Plus going out more because the pandemic is over adds to increases. When you consider I spend as much on alcohol as food, you can see where restaurants and bars make their money.

Drinks 2019 – 1,680 | 2020 – 1,090 | 2021 – 1,306 | 2022 – 1,376

This number is the amount of drinks. Similar to last year but coming off a pandemic down year, it goes to show that the environment influences the amount I drink. My resolution for this is to have this under 1,000 drinks for the year. That would be a significant improvement and I’m going to stamp that with this post. I’m 100% sure that this is my biggest weakness in my life. I know that I can’t control it, but when I ask myself would I rather not be drinking in 80 degree weather on the golf course, I know my answer…for now.

Subscriptions 2019 $39,970 | 2020 $42,105 | 2021 – $38,457 | 2022 – $39,906

This category is Comcast, Verizon, Spotify, Sirius, Netflix, gas, water, electric, mortgage, car payment, Amazon Prime, gym, and Freshly. It’s the same as past years and this is essentially the minimum that I would need to survive. I could easily cut this down by a few grand, but most of this is relatively fixed.

Things 2019 – $22,403 | 2020 – $34,095 | 2021 – $30,9892022 – $36,059

Money spent on trips to Scottsdale & Mexico, clothes for events, country club membership, and golf add up and this number is not out of control. I should separate these categories into experiences and material goods. My goal is to keep increasing the experience category as that’s where money should be spent. I can’t deny that I like high quality items and they cost more, but looking nice and using higher equipment isn’t cheap.

Daily Fantasy Sports 2019 $-1,650 | 2020 – $-1,444 | 2021 -$1,540 | 2022 – $970

A positive year! All it took was a $2,500 win in a football tournament and that pushed the balance in my favor. I don’t have much to comment on this other than it only takes 1. Unfortunately, the amount of time spent on this doesn’t warrant the money. Clearly stopping is the best course of action forward, but I probably won’t. I need a golf hit sooner or later.

Betting 2019 $-681 | 2020 – $-1,258 | 2021 -$3,059 | $-899

Betting was another losing year capped off by losing about $3,600 the last 2 months. That’s called a down swing. I ran hot in October bringing in $4,500 but that’s how quickly it can go. Think about all the DK Crowns I made! To put the sickness in perspective, I made nearly 2,000 individual bets and wagered $69k. To come out only losing $899 seems like a major win to me considering I lose $6,900 on juice. Shouldn’t this be considered a victory?

Miles 2019 896 | 2020 – 863.5 | 2021 – 746 | 2022 – 864

I started off the year hurt and then got hurt again in August. I’ve been healthy the last few months and the treadmill running has been great for my body. I had 1 one hundred mile month and was closer to the 80 range when healthy. Nice to see this part of my life hasn’t changed as it offers a positive way to spend time.

Golf Handicap | 2020 – 15.5 | 2021 – 13.2 | 2022 – 12.1

I took a lesson this year and that had to take off at least a stroke. I broke 80 for the first time as well. If I didn’t count the missed 3 footers, I think I’m playing at a 10. My short game, specifically the short chips and short putts is my biggest weakness. My driver and long irons were significantly better this year after the lesson. I also feel like I can move the ball better than I ever have. The goal is to get under 10. My lowest was 11.4 this year and I did put a 36 on a 9 at Woodcrest which is an achievement. I may also play a few tournaments this years.

Money Talks

The total expenses for my life are $92,380. These are net dollars for me to carry my general expenses. Can I save more money? Of course. Is my goal to save as much money as possible? It is not. Money is energy. The more money people give you for your services, the more money you can put back into the world, which hopefully come back to you in other forms likes fulfillment. This is an important point to remember.

Of course none of you have any idea of how much money I make so when you look at this number there are an inordinate amount of reactions. My aim for sharing this post is not to brag. It’s to give an honest look at how one human being spends their money tracking almost every penny. I’d guess 1% of the population knows exactly where their money goes. I do and I’m sharing it with you.

I’ve run into many people in my life who view money differently. Some people think that every dollar is important and none should be spared. Some will never save a dollar. Money is flexibility and freedom, not a status symbol. The goal of having money is to be able to live the way you want to. In order to earn the cash, that can be restrictive as no one gives out money for free…ever. The system is tremendous in it gives back what you put in. The idea that people start from different places is accurate, but these barriers that people like to create are not nearly as rigid as perceived. If what you do is desirable and solves problems, people will pay you for it. You don’t get paid for watching Netflix. Capitalism is amazing because it motivates and rewards. This game offers incredible inner worth, whether right or wrong for those who choose to play it, but I’d rather be doing this than earning the same wage as my peer for whatever the government tells us to do. Remember that this system built this incredible country because it’s relatively fair. Is it unfair that there are billionaires while some people starve? What did the billionaires contribute to change the world? That should give you the answer.