The first few weeks of living with Meghan have gone well. One thing that came up early on was getting MATCHING night stands for our bedsides. This is not something that would’ve occured to me, but why not, let’s get matching night stands!

We found a deal on FB Marketplace for two lightly used West Elm night stands for a cool $200 each. The real deal. We’re not skimping on night stands.

After work one day I pick up the two night stands from this random girl and we get them set up in our apartment. ALL IS WELL. Or so we thought!

The nighstand we put on Meghan’s side had a kind of weird odor of BBQ sauce when we first moved it in. I thought it was odd but figured we’d clean it and that’d be it.

Meghan cleaned the hell out of it and somehow the smell got worse.

It’s been about a month and the stentch is undeniable. It’s reeks so strongly of BBQ sauce. It’s completely nausiating at this point.

We’re at a loss. This is completely out of an episode of Seinfeld.

How is this possible? Do we demand our money back? Do we just throw it out? Where the fuck is the BBQ? It’s a $200 night stand and we can’t use it. I want to message the girl who sold it to us and ask what the fuck happened. Like how much BBQ sauce did you spill it in while blacked out one night?

The one peculiar thing is that the drawer doesn’t come out, so we couldn’t clean BEHIND the drawer. I suppose it’s POSSIBLE the girl spilled BBQ BEHIND the drawer?? In the tiny 1mm opening??? Is that possible?!? That’s not possible.

It’s a mystery. Realistically we’ll keep it in the guest room and any guest who stays over will ask why our nightstand smells so bad and we’ll have a shitty story to tell them.