When I consider how I want to blog to be viewed, it’s for a person looking to kill 5 minutes on the shitter bored at work. It can be used to create conversation at gatherings like today when we were asking where the best commenter, Bill, has been? It’s supposed to be fun. I’m not here to delve into how my tiny brain copes with a pointless existence in the multiverse. However, when you’re the blog owner, you kind of get to do whatever you want, and you have to try out new material from time to time. This should get us a bit back on brand.

This Bet Should Have Won!

On Christmas eve I went to Copper Crow in Upper Dublin to watch the 1pm games. I was chatting with the bartender and then she popped up on my Facebook friends feed. Anyway, the bet above had 3 of the 4 pieces covered up 22-0 with 3+ left in the 3rd. Burrow then threw a pick 6. Then the Pats scored again at the start of the 4th to make it 22-12. The Bengals miss a 43 yard FG on the next drive. Then, on 3rd and 29 with 6 minutes left in the game from mid field, Mac Jones threw a Hail Mary that ricocheted into a Pats receiver for a TD. Chase fumbles the next possession and game over. I had already spent the $1,704 dollars on shots for the bar.

Who Cares?

No one cares about your fantasy football team the same way no one cares about this bet that should have won. If you told me to count the amount of times where I’ve won a bet on instances like this, I’m sure I can’t remember (although it clearly happens…because it’s supposed to *sarcasm*). This beat though took wind out of my sails and essentially ruined my entire betting weekend because there was no chance I was getting back there with $50 or $100 bets. It’s not about the money. If I’m betting too much money where I lose and it’s altering my life style, tell me to call 1800-Gambler. Sure, were Adam and I celebrating winning before the bet paid off as the ultimate mush? Of course. It’s more like, if you can’t win this, what can you win? If it’s this hard, for the love of god, why even bother? Any other good bad beat stories out there?