Tomorrow will be a closely watched day. Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has called for a “day of jihad” on Friday the 13th. Watch the video below of Hamas supporters in Philadelphia. College campus leaders are being exposed for supporting terrorist organizations. The lenient border policy has turned the country into a tornado of uncertainty. Hate begets more hate and what happened in Israel & Palestine is spiraling out of control and asking people to pick a side.

I’m hopeful there is no blood shed. I’m well aware media overblows events and it could be just a few bad apples. It doesn’t feel that way to me though. I’m not educated enough in the matters to talk intelligently, all I know is what I see from our liberal universities, our liberal cities, and liberal policies is not working. When our elected officials (see below) don’t condemn Hamas, a terrorist organization, just know what party they are from. It’s even sadder that once they face backlash, for example student groups at Harvard supporting Hamas and backtracking once they realize no one will want to hire them, they cave and play nice. Hypocritical assholes.