Quick sports betting update with week 8 of the NFL in sight. On Sunday, I hit a $12, 33-1 shot, on Patrick Cantlay to win $408. He’s a golfer. This put me down about $450 on the season. 33-1 was the furthest odds bet I’ve ever hit in my life and it came in unpredictable fashion. On Thursday before the round I looked through the odds and knew Cantlay was a good golfer and that 33-1 seemed long to me. He was the only golfer I bet on. No one gave me any advice and my stupid brain was the only driving force in making this bet. Considering how many times I’ve bet using other people’s advice that I’ve paid for, and never hit, it makes me wonder.

I pay more money for NFL advice than anyone I know. My record in Evan’s league is 0-7. For the past 2 months I’m down about $500 playing DFS. My betting on the NFL has been salvaged by a couple big bets and a 6 team teaser all created by yours truly. Experts have gotten me nowhere.

Betting Log

So what’s the plan for week 8? I will no longer be taking anyone’s advice other than my own. That’s not entirely true as I’ve paid for the Warren Sharp package and will be placing his bets. Other than that though, it’s me. This may go horribly wrong but at least I’ll have the satisfaction that I’ll win or lose on my own accord. This post is truly just being used to push my latest post down the page.