I went to my bathroom, looked out the window, and saw an open room with no blinds in a new building that was recently built. My first thought was if I can see through this blind slot, I should probably put on some clothes. Then I start thinking what Playboy model is going to appear? Then the total disappointment what if it’s a gross slob. I had one traumatizing experience years ago where I was walking home and I looked through a window and saw a fat woman with a hairy bush getting out of the shower and I still can’t remove that monstrosity from my brain. This is what I’m hoping for.

Now it’s hard to believe that Elisha Cuthbert is going to be in that room, but as of today, there is still a twinge of hope. The idea that I’ll be the peeping Tom that can see this buxom exhibitionist is thrilling. The anticipation of the the prize is undoubtedly going to be better than real life. It’s either going to be some doofus nerd, overweight loser, or hideous beast. That’s reality. The unknown in this scenario is what dreams are made of. I’ll make sure to take a picture to post all over this hardly read blog as soon as I get one.