The best days are exactly like today. 3 wildcard games are the best football of the year. Watching the Jags comeback last night after that atrocious first half is what football is all about. People from Philly should have the utmost respect for Doug Pedersen. Coach of the year no doubt. Where will my money go?

The problem with the first game is that it’s supposed to be a blowout. 7th Round QB Skylar Thompson, who should stink, against the 2nd best QB in the league. 14 is a big number and it’s not one that I’m interested in. I’d bet the Dolphins and lose exactly like the Seahawks did yesterday. I’ll also take Skylar Thompson at 80-1 for 1st Td. The next game is a game I predict the Vikings win in bizarre fashion but the Giants cover. Let’s go Isaiah Hodgins 1st Td. The last game should be a Ravens cover and be close. 3 underdogs covering! What can I say, I’m a sucker for the points. I’d be shocked if they all win or all lose. Don’t take these thinking they will win.

Here’s the actual fun. I have bets on Hayden Buckley at 80-1 and 100-1. Those are BIG odds for the guy who is leading the tournament by 2 and is going off at +200. Should I hedge? Do I throw 50 on the 4 guys below? What if he birdies 1? What if he bogeys? It’s awesome action. What sucks is it’ll play second fiddle to the NFL and I’m the dweeb asking for golf. Either way, I’m hopeful that he starts strong and I can at least enter the back 9 with a lead, even if it’s only a stroke. I guarantee there will be guys who will move ahead of Buckley, but as the current leader, if he can make a few birdies, he’ll have a good shot. I also have some Cole Hammer bets for top 10 & 20 which are at good odds. Let’s go.